Durham Southwest Regional Library

You might find it interesting to read about this particular public library.

Today's session will be about programming.


Katie Jones, Mya McCoy, Chelsea Romero

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Readings for this week

Read these items and plan to post a consideration about it.

  1. The Benefits of Public Programming for Participating Libraries and Audiences | ALA
    Libraries are many things to their communities. They offer the practical information people need to improve their quality of life and to increase individual options in a complex society—information about health, education, business, child care, computers, the environment, looking for a job... and much more.
    Libraries also give their communities something less tangible, yet just as essential to a satisfying and productive life—nourishment for the spirit ... Such programs help to illuminate the experiences, beliefs and values that unite us as human beings.
  2. How can library training evolve to prepare programming librarians? | American Libraries
    Public programs help fulfill fundamental human needs for community, connection, and entertainment, and they can often mitigate barriers like language or reading ability. They offer a chance to take a break and do something fun, like try a hobby or craft or gain a technological skill.

We'll spend some time discussing these readings as a part of today's presentations

Who? What?
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