Orientation and planning

Stanford Ovshinsky in Scientific American article
Mr Ovshinsky did not even go to college, and credits his vast knowledge of science to the public libraries of his native Ohio. [The Economist 02 December 2006]

Stanford Ovshinsky, the inventor of the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery

Let's begin by hearing from everyone the story about their reason for appreciating the public library

  1. Start by intoducing yourselves, with your name and any personal details you wish to share
  2. Talk a bit about your hometown (in any way that you choose to understand the term "home town")
  3. Think back to the public library that had the most impact on your personal development and tell us about it
    • The library that most formed your image of "the public library"
    • And, if you have it with you, show us your public library card.

Be as voluble as you want to be. We want to learn about your public library story.

I'll kick it off with my public library story

the library on Randolph AFB, as it used to look

You might find it interesting to read about this particular public library.

INTROS What we will do

We'll also plan on how to conduct this seminar.

We will brainstorm about what kinds of topics we might want to cover this spring. I have one possible theme we may wish to pursue this semester, but the decision on topics will be yours.

As part of the discussion, we will begin to create the schedule for this seminar, looking at what we might want to offer and when. No firm decisions will necessarily be made today, but we will start to block out our time so we can cover all we want to cover. As you decide on your topics, start to think also about the date you want to lead the discussions in the seminar.

Send me a note through Sakai messages with your preferred date.


next week's seminar