INLS843 Spring 2022

What is this class all about?

This will be a seminar. As such, we will have a few framing sessions in the first few weeks in which we come to a common understanding of the topic. Then, each of you all will lead a discussion session on a topic of your choice.

In general ...

We will spend most of our time discussing topics related to the subject. Our first few weeks will be spent thinking about why the public library exists, what its milieu is, and how the librarianship profession has related to it. Then, we will move into student-led sessions in which we may explore your particular public library focus. We will all gain from each other's perspectives.

What we hope to get out of this seminar

Our goal will be to develop a nuanced understanding of the public library as an institution, a big picture appreciation of the concept, which will lead into a more fine-grained introduction to issues of concern to public libraries today.