Given Tufts and Webster Library: A Juxtaposition of Public Engagement In Regards to a Municipal Library’s Long-term Legacy

Ariel Matthews will lead the first half of the session on Wednesday, 10 March 2021.

and we'll have a guest join us for the second half


What do we mean when we talk about “Community involvement” or "Public Engagement,” and how do we study and measure these concepts?

Read these and plan to post a consideration about them.

Please acquaint yourselves with both Given Tufts Library & Archive and Webster Library, as well as the community that surrounds them: Pinehurst and Niagara respectively.

Audrey Moriarty

We will be given a live walk through tour of the Given Tufts Library and Archive by its Executive Director, Audrey Moriarty, with the ability to ask questions. Ms Moriarty, the executive director of the libary and the archives, is responsible for preserving and presenting materials.

Then we'll make a live check in on the current state of The Webster Library.

Questions to ponder and discuss.

  • The relationship between demographics and success
  • Catering to your community
  • Where do you think Webster Library went wrong?

Guest speaker

We will be joined by Clare Byers, SILS MSLS 2013, currently a doctoral student in the UNC Department of History

Clare worked for the Orange County Public Library while at UNC, then at Southern Pines (NC) Public Library, and in Colorado Springs for the Pikes Peak Library District. She also had a time with the Moore County (NC) Public Library Book Mobile, so she has worn quite a few hats and worked for different types of systems.

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