An introduction to techniques and technologies for the development of mobile websites. Topics include

  • Responsive web design
  • Responsive images and video
  • Content strategy for mobile
  • Typography
  • Mobile navigation
  • Performance
  • Accessibility

Basic knowledge of HTML is required, and familiarity with CSS and JavaScript is recommended.
Note that this course is not about the development of native mobile applications. The focus is on the development of websites that work well on any device -- phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.


To learn about the design issues that are unique to the development of a quality mobile experience, and to gain familiarity with the techniques and technologies available for implementation.

Course Materials

There is no required textbook or software for this class. All of the course materials are available from the Schedule pages for each week. These include

  • Slides for each topic (PDF format). The slides contain many links to related online resources.
  • Multiple recordings for each topic (mp4 format)
  • Examples (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that are referenced in the slides
  • Useful links to supplemental resources.

A basic text editor is all that is needed for this course. There are many to choose from, and here are a few suggestions.

You will need to host your website on a web server. Everyone in this class should already have an account on the SILS Opal web server. You are not required to use this server, but it is available if you do not already have access to web hosting.

For additional information, see Connecting to SILS Servers.