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Basics Intro

Recitations are mostly about getting the tasks done, but today we will need to look at the big picture since this is the FDOC and we did not have the normal introductory lecture.

Today we will:

  1. explore the class web page

    • Syllabus
    • lecture material
    • recitation material
  2. explore the class Sakai Site

    • assignments
      • grade sheets
    • forums
    • grade book
    • calendar
  3. learn how to complete our assigned tasks and submit them in Sakai

Tasks for today: Task 01.01, 01.02, & 01.03


The recommended browsers for web development are Firefox and Google Chrome. You will need a web browser for testing your website; either of these will work just fine. Avoid using Mac specific (Safari) or Windows specific (Edge or Explorer) browsers as a primary testing tool for web development.

Value Added Grades

Forum Posts



Including your name and forum post number in the title is not necessary and it obfuscates what the reader most needsโ€”the title.

I will demo how to make a forum post today. You do not need to post any of your forum text in the assignments. Simply make the forum post in the appropriate section and folder.

Comment on Peer's posts


You should make at least one comment on a peer's post sometime this semester. I will find your comments and grade them in the process of reading the forums.



During the semester I will ask each of you to present one of your forum posts at the start of each class.

This is not a formal report. You do not have to summarize the article. Some of the articles can be rather long. Write a short forum post on why you find this article interesting and how it relates to your interests, or passions, or concerns.



Characteristics of Professionalism

Everything in this class is about empowering you to meet the complex demands of these very challenging times. This grade is not to cause you to worry or be anxious. Think of it as a gift. It is roughly 5 points that you don't have to earn. Just be nice, kind, and communicative. Professionalism does not equal perfectionism.

The difference between being nice and being kind

To err is human, to forgive is divine.