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Lawrence (Larry) Jones, M.Ed. Adjunct Instuctor
UNC School of Information and Library Science

recitation times

INLS 161-603: Fridays from 9:05-10:20 a.m.
INLS 161-604: Fridays from 11:15-12:30 p.m.

As we progress though the semester, you will see that the "panopto" text will become a live link to that session's class recording. It usually takes until later in the day on Friday for the video to be fully processed. If there is a class that does not offically meet, the panopto video link will be to a pre-recorded session.

โ€”dateLecture Site Linktasks603 video604 video
0108-20Basics Intro01.01 01.02 & 01.03panoptopanopto
0208-27Command Line01.04panoptopanopto
0309-03SFTP & Editors01.05panoptopanopto
0409-10HTML 02.01panopto-macpanopto-pc
0509-17CSS02.02css & ez-templateez-template only
0810-08Document Setup03.00panoptopanopto (603 Students: this is a better recording)
0910-15Graphics Images03.00panoptopanopto
10asyncDocument Wrap Up03.00covered in imagescovered in images
--10-22Fall BreakNo class
1110-29Data Intro04.00panoptopanopto
1211-05Data Display04.00panoptopanopto
1311-12Data Management04.00panoptopanopto (603 Students: this is a better recording)
1411-19Vlookup & SQL04.00panoptopanopto
15asyncPresentation Design05.00panoptopanopto
--11-26Thanksgiving BreakNo Class
1612-07Final Class: Section 603TUE 04:00 p.m.
1612-10Final Class: Section 604FRI 12:00 p.m.