INLS 672 Web Development 2

This course builds on the static website design skills learned in INLS 572 to develop dynamic, database-driven web applications. Students will gain experience with the technologies for developing dynamic content: web servers, scripting languages, and database. Experience with HTML and CSS is assumed, and programming knowledge is required, e.g., JavaScript, Python, or Java. Topics will include

  • Introduction to dynamic web content
  • Development servers (WAMP, MAMP, LAMP)
  • PHP
  • SQLite
  • JavaScript
  • Learn the core technologies for the development of dynamic and interactive websites and database-driven web applications
  • Develop web applications that integrate these technologies
  • Develop a knowledge base that allows you to learn more about these web technologies and others, on your own
Book, Online
  • There is no required textbook for this course, but Learning PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript, 4th Edition by Robin Nixon (LPMJ) is a useful text as it covers most of the topics.
  • There are many useful online resources, and some recommended sources will be provided.