INLS161-002 | Spring 2017

Tools for Information Literacy

Welcome to INLS 161-002

This site houses the course files and syllabus for INLS 161-002, Tools for Information Literacy.

The course runs from 11 January to 8 May, 2017.

The class meets Monday-Wednesday (except holidays) at 3:35-4:50 in Manning Hall, room 117 (the computer lab inside the SILS library).

The above syllabus link has information concerning course details, readings, lectures, labs, grading, the honor code and the SILS/UNC diversity statement. The class lectures are listed under the schedule page. This site is created so that it can be accessed by mobile phones and various screen sizes.

Below is a draft-version graphic showing some relationships between information tools concepts. It is not complete, nor can it ever be complete.

It is an SVG graphic that came out of some brainstorming play time. SVG graphics are resolution independent and were created expressly for web delivery. If you right click on the image and select "view image", it will expand beautifully in your browser to fill even large, hi-resolution displays. This image weighs in at a meager 77kb. (watch this video if you don't understand kb, MB, GB, or TB .)

In the center are six images that represent the layers of information tools that will form the core of our course. We will take a look at this graphic during our introductory class. (I will welcome your feed back on improving or updating this image.)

We will only have time to scratch the surface of the most important information tools, and that includes learning SVG graphics! If you want to dig deeper into web graphics as a result of this class, you can learn more  via, which is available free of charge to UNC students and staff.

There are so many information tools largely because there is no silver bullet. No one tool does everything well. Also, in this age of open source colaboration, information tools will continue to grow and change a great deal in a very short span of time. However, the foundational principles are fairly solid, so we will do our best to focus on elemental concepts that stand the test of time!


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