INLS 523_001 – Database Systems I
Fall 2016

Description: This course will introduce the basic concepts and applications of relational database management systems, including semantic modeling and relational database theory. Topics include: user requirements and specifications, semantic data modeling relational model, SQL, normalization and data quality, relation topics and emerging technologies.
Room/Time: Manning 001: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30am - 10:45am
Instructor: Rob Capra, r<lastname> at unc dot edu
Office hours: Manning 210: Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00pm, and by appointment
Textbook: Elmasri & Navathe
Fundamentals of Database Systems, Sixth Edition, Addison-Weley
Policies: inls523_f16_coursepolicies.pdf
Schedule: The following schedule is subject to change:
(in the Readings below, EN6 denotes a reading in Elmasri Nathave, 6th edition)

Lecture Date Topic(s) Readings Assigned Due
1 23-Aug Introduction EN6 Ch1    
2 25-Aug Database Concepts EN6 Ch2 H0  
3 30-Aug Modeling and ER EN6 Ch7   H0
4 1-Sep Modeling and ER   H1 ER  
5 6-Sep ER Exercises      
6 8-Sep Enhanced ER EN6 Ch8    
7 13-Sep Enhanced ER      
8 15-Sep Relational Concepts EN6 Ch3 H2 RelConcepts H1 ER
9 20-Sep Class Exercise      
10 22-Sep Mapping handout EN6 Ch9    
11 27-Sep ER to Relational Mapping     H2 RelConcepts
12 29-Sep SQL DDL   H3 Mapping  
13 4-Oct SQL DDL/ACME Handout EN6 Ch4    
14 6-Oct Install MySQLWorkbench
Review for midterm
EN6 Ch4    
15 11-Oct NO CLASS – UNIV DAY     H3 Mapping
16 13-Oct SQL      
17 18-Oct MID-TERM EXAM      
18 20-Oct FALL BREAK      
19 25-Oct SQL      
20 27-Oct SQL      
21 1-Nov LibraryDB queries   H4 SQL  
22 3-Nov Advanced SQL      
23 8-Nov Advanced SQL      
24 10-Nov SQL Example      
25 15-Nov Relational Algebra EN6 Ch6 DB Project  
26 17-Nov Relational Algebra     H4
27 22-Nov Functional Dependencies EN6 Ch15    
29 29-Nov Normalization Handout   H5 FD/Norm/RelAlg  
30 1-Dec Normalization      
31 6-Dec LAST CLASS PERIOD: Review     DB Project
H5 FD/Norm/RelAlg
  13-Dec FINAL EXAM   8:00am, Tues, Dec 13