INLS 690_172 – Usability Evaluation and Testing
Fall 2015

Description: This course will introduce central concepts in usability engineering, testing, and evaluation.
Room/Time: Manning 117: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30am - 10:45am
Instructor: Rob Capra, r<lastname> at unc dot edu
Office hours: Manning 210: Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00pm, and by appointment
Textbooks: HUT: Handbook of Usability Testing, Second Ed., Rubin and Chisnell. Wiley.
MUE: Measuring the User Experience, Second Ed., Tullis and Albert. Wiley.
ID: on reserve @ SILS Library: Interaction Design, 3rd ed., Rogers and Sharp. Wiley.
Policies: inls690_f15_coursepolicies.pdf


The following schedule is subject to change:

Lecture Date Topic(s) Readings Assigned Due
1 18-Aug Introduction      
2 20-Aug Usability Overview
Library Website Exercise
HUT Ch1    
3 25-Aug Usability Testing HUT Ch2 UX Tip  
4 27-Aug Usability Testing HUT Ch3 P1 User & Goals  
5 1-Sep UX Lifecycle ID Ch9    
6 3-Sep Data Gathering
Contextual Inquiry
ID Ch10    
7 8-Sep Models UX Matters, HTA    
8 10-Sep Cognitive Walkthrough TCUID Ch4.1   P1 User & Goals
9 15-Sep UX and Lifecycle (Guest lecture)      
10 17-Sep Cognitive Walkthrough HUT Ch4 P2 Cognitive Walkthrough  
11 22-Sep Moderator Skills HUT Ch4,5    
12 24-Sep Stakeholders (Guest lecture)      
13 29-Sept Moderator Skills HUT Ch4,5    
14 1-Oct UX Goals and Metrics MUE Ch1,3    
15 6-Oct UX Goals and Metrics MUE Ch1,3 P3 Test Plan P2 Cognitive Walkthrough
16 8-Oct Test Plans HUT Ch4, Ch5    
17 13-Oct Test Plans HUT Ch4, Ch5    
18 15-Oct FALL BREAK      
19 20-Oct Test Plans HUT Ch6, Ch7    
20 22-Oct Guest lecture     P3 Test Plan
21 27-Oct Test Materials and Sessions HUT Ch8,Ch9    
22 29-Oct Test Materials and Sessions HUT Ch11 P4 Written Report
P5 Presentation
23 3-Nov Debriefing HUT Ch10    
24 5-Nov Guest lecture      
25 10-Nov Example Study Sequence      
26 12-Nov Analysis MUE Ch2    
27 17-Nov Group Day      
28 19-Nov Analysis MUE Ch4, Ch5    
29 24-Nov Metrics Summary MUE Ch6, Ch7    
31 1-Dec Project Presentations     P5 Presentation
  8-Dec WRITTEN PROJECT REPORTS DUE Dec 8, 11:00am   P4 Written Report