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Presentation/Seminar  (Manning 304)

Readings (Discussing the readings)



Introductions / Course Review

Beyond Boxes


What's our motivation?

The World Summit on the Information Society Declaration of Principles

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Especially...Article 19, Article 26, Article 27



The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression



Access to Information and/or Education... a Right?

UN Human Rights 2012 Declaration on The promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet

Vinton Cerf, "Internet Access Is Not a Human Right"

ALA's Library Bill of Rights

Sanford Bermann, "A Long Struggle to get Libraries to Serve the Poor"



Who runs the Internet?

Access to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone  Chapters 1 & 2


No class: Labor Day Holiday


What Constitutes Access?

Access to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone  Chapters 3 & 4


Socio-cultural considerations

World Mapper Books Borrowed poster

Pew Internet Project: Digital Differences


Tech talk: The Nuts and Bolts of Computers

Access to print in low-income and middle-income communities: An ecological study of four neighborhoods

Digital Age Is Slow to Arrive in Rural America 


Negroponte and more cultural considerations

Being Digital 1,2,3


Tech talk: The Nuts and Bolts of Networks

Being Digital 4,5,6


Tech talk: The Internet and Backbone Technologies

The World in 2014: ICT Facts and Figures

Limited electricity access in health facilities of sub-Saharan Africa

Internet Usage Statistics for Africa

National Geographic World IP Map



Discuss access to electricity and Internet in Africa... and how we measure.

National Broadband Map

New Media, Technology and Internet Use in Indian Country
Feel free to ignore the discussions of radio.



Tech talk: The Wacky World of Wireless

Broadband Strategies Toolkit: Technologies for Backbone Connectivity


Services... and More Services.

Midterm Review

Broadband Strategies Toolkit: International Connectivity


No class: University Day

Re-read (scan) everything!  Prepare for midterm.



Hey!  Bring back my books!


Midterm review

This Stuff is Expensive!  & TCO

Digital Inclusion in Native Communities: The Role of Tribal Libraries

There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education


Special Populations / Innovations / Projects
Dr. Barbara B. Moran -- Libraries and Librarians in North Africa

The Impact of Internet in OECD Countries
Excellent paper discussing the myriad ways to measure the impact of investments in Internet technology and the conundrums faced when doing so.

Information and Communication Technologies and Productivity Growth: A Survey of the Literature
A fairly dense paper that recounts the efforts to measure ICT-related productivity growth.  Feel free to ignore the formulas.  Interesting range of conclusions.


UNC ITS's Dr. Stan Waddell Campus Overview

Project Assessment discussion

EDUCAUSE Core Data Services Executive Summary Report

Big educational laptop and tablet projects -- Ten countries to learn from Michael Trucano, Sr. ICT & Education Specialist, World Bank

Large-Scale 1:1 Computing Initiatives: An Open Access Database


Does This Stuff Really Work? Part 1

Prison and Libraries: Public Service Inside and Out  Library Journal

Earning a Degree in Prison  Online Colleges

Correctional Education Overview speaker's brief



Heather Clausen Erwin, JD. -- Information and Education in U.S. Prisons

Mooresville’s Shining Example (It’s Not Just About the Laptops)

What it Really Takes for Schools to Go Digital

Why a New Jersey School District Decided Giving Laptops to Students is a Terrible Idea

Laptops, children and Darth Vader &
Is this the nail in the One Laptop Per Child coffin?


In Praise of the Intranet: Bandwidth, bandwidth management, and the eGranary Digital Library

eGranary and Digital Identities of Ugandan Youth, Dr. Bonny Norton

Maximizing Mobile
Part I: Executive Summary
Part II: Key Trends in the Development of the Mobile Sector


The eGranary: Challenges and Opportunities
First individual project assessment due.

Maximizing Mobile
Part I: Chapter 1  Overview
Part I: Chapter 2  Agriculture


How Fast, How Fresh?

Maximizing Mobile
Part I: Chapter 3  mHealth
Part I: Chapter 4  mMoney


Everyone Gets a Laptop

Maximizing Mobile
Part I: Chapter 5  Employment
Part I: Chapter 6  mGovernance
Part I: Chapter 7  Policies


Does This Stuff Really Work? Part 2

The New Wave: Who Connects to the Internet, How they Connect, and What they do When they Connect, South African Network Society Project


Do WHAT with my phone?
Country Studies Due

India 121st in global information and communication technology rankings

Rwanda's IT revolution targets knowledge economy

Review BongoHive Web site


Thanksgiving Break



Project Presentations


Project Presentations

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