retrieving & analyzing

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Suggested Resources for the Data to Story project[docx]

Searching Academic Search Premier like a pro[pdf]

Periodical types chart [pdf]

Analyzing Research Articles [pdf]

Data-to-Story Project Assignment Details [pdf]

Project Plan Document [doc] Feel free to use this template and adjust as needed for your team - plan is due Oct 12

Search Log Template [xls]

GSS 2014 Dataset [sav] Remember this file only opens with SPSS

GSS 2014 Selected Variables List [xls]

SPSS Cheat Sheet [pdf]

Cross Tabulation [pdf]

Research Process [pdf]

Evaluating Resources [pdf]

Thesis Statements [pdf] from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

APA Citation Format Cheat Sheet [pdf] from the Pollak Library at CSUF