INLS 883 Research Colloquium

1 Credit; restricted to doctoral students

Mondays 3:30-4:45 Room 014 and by arrangement

Instructor: Gary Marchionini, 919.962.8363


This colloquium aims to help novice researchers focus and articulate their research agenda.  It also aims to contextualize specific research such a dissertation within the larger research enterprise.  The primary approach will be to articulate dissertation research problems in verbal and written forms and identify appropriate methodology to address those problems.


Tentative Schedule of Events


Friday, January 10:  1:00pm  Organizational Meeting

Read  Press, William.  “What’s so special about science (And how much should we spend on it?).  Science, Nov. 15, 2013.  P. 817-822. (AAAS Presidential address)

Identify a research proposal context (dissertation, funding, award proposal).  Write  research problem statement that identifies a problem and its significance.   Maximum of 1 page!  Due

January 21.


Monday, January 27: research enterprise

Write a research question (no more than 2 tweets long)  Due Feb 3.  Post to Colloquium blog

Read/scan Science special issue on Communication in Science (October 4, 2013, p. 56-82).


Monday, Feb 3: Scholarly Communication; Dissertation architecture


Monday, Feb 10: Research Questions: Laura, Kaitlin, & Sara

Draft literature review outline (Due Feb 24)


Monday, Feb 17: Research Questions: Kathy, Anita,  Amanda, & Thu-Mai


Monday, Feb 24: Research Questions: Angela, John, Ashlee, & Leslie


Monday, March 3:  no meeting, I-Conference


Monday, March 10: Spring Break


Monday, March 17: I-schools research context; accreditation


Monday March 24: no meeting:  COA visit


Monday, March 31: Kilgour Lecture: Jean Camp: Beyond Usability and Economics: Translucent Security


Monday April 7:  The Research Enterprise revisited


Monday, April 14: Elevator speeches; final meeting