University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Information and Library Science

INLS 781, Proposal Development
Fall 2014


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Instructor: Barbara Wildemuth
Office: 109 Manning Hall
Phone: 919-962-8072 (office); 919-968-3018 (home)

Class meetings: Monday and Wednesday, 9:30-10:45, August 19-October 8 (1.5 credits), in 208 Manning Hall

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Course Description

During this course, each student will develop a proposal for the work to be completed during the following semester, in the master's paper/project (INLS 992). It is assumed that class members have taken the prerequisite course, INLS 581.

Textbook and readings

The required text for the course is: Punch, K.F. (2007). Developing Effective Research Proposals. Sage. We will read the entirety of this book and use it to structure our work together.

In addition, we will read several chapters from: Wildemuth, B.M. (2009). Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Science. Libraries Unlimited. It may be useful for you to have a copy of it available for your own use. It will also be available on reserve at the SILS Library.

Additional required readings are listed on the class schedule. In addition, class members will be reading independently, in support of their proposal development. You will be expected to report on some of these readings during class discussion, as noted on the class schedule.

Assignments and grading

The course grade will be based on the completed proposal (85%, due October 22) plus class participation (15%).

Library and lab resources

You will be using SILS library and lab resources during the course of the semester. Please remember that many of your fellow students also need to use the same material. Follow the proper checkout procedures and return materials promptly to be a good SILS citizen.

The Honor Code

The UNC Honor Code, which prohibits giving or receiving unauthorized aid in the completion of assignments, is in effect in this class. The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance gives examples of actions that constitute academic dishonesty.

There are some specific guidelines for this class.

Other course policies

Syllabus / Schedule (today) / Assignments / Additional Readings / Sakai site for class

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