Health Informatics Seminar Presentation Series

 (INLS 890 - 184)

Dr. Javed Mostafa

Wednesday, 4:00-5:00PM

328 Health Sciences Library

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Course Description

The Duke/UNC Joint Health Informatics Seminar Presentation Series is sponsored by Duke Center for Health Informatics and the Carolina Health Informatics Program.  This series explores key areas in Health Informatics and includes research results, overview of programs of research (both basic and applied), and evaluative projects.  Speakers with extensive informatics experiences and knowledge from both academia and industry are usually invited to present.   The general goal is to expose students to ongoing cutting-edge R&D issues in health informatics and add to their basic understanding of the area.   Students should aim to participate in a selected set of presentations that directly overlap with their own areas of interest and they are expected to synthesize the knowledge gleaned from the seminar presentations into a presentation which summarizes their key concepts and issues and their personal reflections on them.



          Attend presentations that relate to research interests and ongoing projects

          Engage with the presenters to expand on presentation topics to gain deeper understanding


Course Requirements


          Presentation at the end of the semester highlighting key topics and personal reflections on them


          Attendance on topics that coincide with your interests / projects.


Recommended Readings and Related Websites


Electronic Health Records: A Guide for Clinicians and Administrators (EHR-1).  Jerome H. Carter (Ed.), American College of Physicians; 2nd edition, 2008.


Current and past presentations:




The final grade will be based on your presentation at the end of the semester.  Based on the current UNC grading scales, the following grades and corresponding numeric ranges are applicable.


Graduate Students

Grad Grade









69 or below