INLS 760_001 – Web Databases
Spring 2013

Description: This course will introduce concepts and techniques for designing and implementing Web-enabled database systems. Topics include: web protocols, development in LAMP environments, security, user authentication, session management, search, client-side technology support (Javascript/DOM), and architectures to support Web database systems (MVC).
Room/Time: Manning 208: Tuesdays, 6:00pm - 8:45pm
Instructor: Rob Capra, r<lastname> at unc dot edu
Office hours: Manning 210: Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30pm, Thursdays, 2:00-3:30pm, and by appointment
Prerequisites: INLS 572 or equivalent, INLS 523 and programming experience
Textbook: OPTIONAL: PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fourth Edition. Welling, L. and Thomson, L.
Policies: inls760_sp2013_coursepolicies.pdf
Schedule: The following schedule is subject to change:
(in the Readings below, chapter numbers denotes a reading in Welling and Thomson, 4th edition)

Lecture Date Topic(s) Readings Assigned Due
1 15-Jan Introduction, HTTP/HTML Demystifying the Browser
Learning HTTP
2 22-Jan PHP Intro
Ch. 1 P1 Read file, filter, sort
3 29-Jan Hands-on Unix and PHP      
4 05-Feb PHP and MySQL   P2 Read DB, display Web
P1 Read file, filter, sort
5 12-Feb Security and User Input      
6 19-Feb Session Control and User Authentication   P3 Sessions and Logins P2 Read DB, display Web
7 26-Feb MID-TERM EXAM      
8 05-Mar File upload & Secure Transactions     P3 Sessions and Logins
9 12-Mar SPRING BREAK      
10 19-Mar Database search      
11 26-Mar Javascript and DOM   P4 DB Search  
12 02-Apr HTML5 / Ajax      
13 09-Apr JQuery / XML   P5 Ajax P4 DB Search
14 16-Apr Model-View-Controler      
15 23-Apr Review     P5 Ajax
7:00pm, Manning 208