Project Management and Implementation

INLS 525: Managing Electronic Records
Week 15 (4/23)

Pick Two:

Project Venn Diagram: Fast, Good, or Cheap

Web Archiving Options

Capture MechanismAccess MechanismVerdict
Adobe AcrobatPDFsNot good (usually lousy)
HTTrackLocal copy of the site & a browserOkay (usually)
HTTrackLocal copy of the site in a virtual machine w/ contemporary operating system, browser, and plug-ins.not fast/easy (yet)
HeritrixWayback & Nutchwax OR WERAnot fast/easy
Archive-It or WASService provided portalnot cheap (well, not free)

HTTrack, Heritrix, Wayback, Nutchwax, WERA, Archive-It, WAS, & WAIL

Seven "Practical Action Steps" (Cook)

  1. Build Alliances (tailor & deliver a message)
  2. Functional or Macro-Appraisal
  3. Recognize a lot of stuff has no value
  4. Distributed Custody... i.e. recognize you don't have the capacity
  5. Prefer audit trails over snap-shots
  6. While waiting for RM systems with disposition triggers:
  7. Maintain all older versions of insert time-based system here allowing for a reconstruction of the site as it was seen.

You can't do everything is the stark bottom line: unless you can get substantial new financial and human resources, you will need to stop doing something important that you are now doing, and reallocate significant resources to electronic records, period. There is no other way. That requires, in the first instance, an act of personal will and professional commitment, not technological infrastructure or digital expertise. The will to change must come first, and I suggest that it will be your hardest decision.



Program Skill Acquisition

Personal Skill Acquisition:

10 Lessons Learned

  1. Seek Help from Others
  2. We Get Extra Points for Copying off our Neighbors
  3. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
  4. You too Can be a "Techie"
  5. Open Systems Are Our Friends
  6. We Have to Pick our Battles
  7. Remain Flexible
  8. Learn and Address Concerns of Multiple Stakeholders
  9. Explore Multiple Modalities
  10. It Will only Break if we Don’t Play with It

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