Digital Preservation

INLS 525: Managing Electronic Records
Week 12 (4/2)



What: "Digital Forensics, Emulation, and the Art of Restoration"
When: Wednesday, April 24th, 4:00 p.m.
Where: Duke University, Perkins Library, Room 217

Chain of Preservation Framework

Preservation Intent

"Do you believe in significant properties?"


Salo's needs pyramid

Salo, Dorothea. "Institutional Repositories for the Digital Arts and Humanities" (slide 27)

Preservation Methods




PREMIS Data Model

PREMIS Data Model

Rusbridge's Fallacies

  1. Digital preservation is very expensive [because]
  2. File formats become obsolete very rapidly [which means that]
  3. Interventions must occur frequently, ensuring that continuing costs remain high.
  4. Digital preservation repositories should have very long timescale aspirations,
  5. 'Internet-age' expectations are such that the preserved object must be easily and instantly accessible in the format de jour, and
  6. the preserved object must be faithful to the original in all respects.

Future Proofing

13 Ways