New Forms of Expression and Interaction

(Recordness continued)

INLS 525: Managing Electronic Records

Week 2 (1/22)


David Lake v. City of Phoenix



O'Neill v. City of Shoreline

State of Washington Supreme Court, 82397-9, Opinion filed 7 Oct 2010

Is e-mail metadata a public record that must be disclosed under the Public Records Act?


An electronic version of a record, including its embedded metadata, is a public record subject to disclosure.

Does a request to see an e-mail inherently include a request to see metadata?


Metadata must be explicitly requested in order to trigger an agency's obligation to provide it.

Electronic Records as Documents

What are documents in a digital environment?

Fixity v. Fluidity


* Yates, JoAnne, and Wanda Orlikowski. "Genres of Organizational Communication: A Structurational Approach to Studying Communication and Media." Academy of Management Review 17, no. 2 (1992): 299-326.


... are the "qualit[ies] of an object, or an environment, which allows an individual to perform an action." (Wikipedia)

What sorts of affordances might a document or other digital object have?

Genres as Clusters of Affordances

Digital Genres & Affordances


... an application you have used recently.


The ability to change information is an affordance we value for work.

There is an inverse relationship between mutability and trustworthiness.

Court Martial

Originally aired 2 Feb 1967

Images from scenes in the Star Trek episode "Court Martial"


Managing Mutability


Value of Snapshots

Value of Audit Trail Approach

Which Strategy? It Depends on...