INLS 525: Managing Electronic Records

Week 1 - Introductions & Recordness

January 15th, 2013

Who am I?

What are we learning about?

Who are you?

The Syllabus

Electronic Recordness

What is a record?

Records as Persistent Representations

Records are "persistent representations of activities, created by participants or observers of those activities or by their authorized proxies."

Geoffrey Yeo, "Concepts of Record (1): Evidence, Information, and Persistent Representations." American Archivist; Vol. 70; Fall/Winter 2007; pp 315-343

Layers of Interpretation

Layers of Interpretation

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WordPress Database ERD

PREMIS Data Model

PREMIS Data Model

PREMIS Example: Blog

PREMIS example of the data model elements in regards to a blog.

Next week's writing assignment

3 Fundamental Aspects of a Record

Borromean rings. The three rings are entitled: content, context, and structure.

4 Characteristics of Records