1. 21 Aug 2013
    Planning our seminar | Select dates for 10 class sessions
  2. 04 Sep 2013
    Course design, examples of student work on Github, and feedback
    Elliott Hauser
  3. 11 Sep 2013
    organizing a class and fitting it into one's research; points to ponder
    Wan-ching Wu
  4. 02 Oct 2013
    what's working and what may not be working so well
    Kathy Brennan
  5. 23 Oct 2013
    thinking about the syllabus
    Ayoung Yoon
  6. 30 Oct 2013
    guest speakers; assignments and grading; feedback
    Emily Vardell
  7. 13 Nov 2013
    looking over a syllabus; thinking about a philosophy
    Angela Murillo
  8. 20 Nov 2013
    Peer review of teaching statements; Providing constructive criticism
    Ron Bergquist
  9. Saturday, 07 Dec 2013 at 0900
    Final version of Teaching Statement due

Course Description

This seminar is intended for SILS doctoral students who are currently teaching, plan to teach in the near future, or have taught in a past semester. It is expected that all doctoral students who teach a class at SILS will register for this seminar at least once during their teaching career at SILS. Doctoral students may register for or informally participate in the seminar as often as they are interested. It is also open to other faculty within the SILS community.

The seminar is intended to be an intellectual space in which we can discuss the many issues that arise in teaching practice; the selection of specific issues for discussion will be made by the seminar participants, and the discussions will be led by the seminar participants.


doctoral student status

For doctoral students currently involved in teaching activities; regular seminar meetings to discuss relevant literature and aspects of the teaching experience. (1 credit)