INLS 690-172 – Usability Testing and Evaluation
Fall 2013

Description: This course will introduce central concepts in usability engineering, testing, and evaluation. These include: UX lifecycle, interaction models, contextual inquiry, modeling and task analysis, rapid evaluation and inspection techniques, UX goals and metrics, formal and informal evaluation techniques, usability moderation, test plans, testing environments, analysis, and reporting.
Room/Time: Manning 117: Tuesdays, 2:00pm - 4:45pm
Instructor: Rob Capra, r<lastname> at unc dot edu
Office hours: Manning 210: Wednesdays, 1:30pm-2:30pm, Thursdays, 11:00am-12noon, and by appointment
Teaching Asst: Anita Crescenzi
Textbooks: Hartson & Pyla, The UX Book, Morgan Kaufmann
Rubin & Chisnell, Handbook of Usability Testing, Wiley
Tullis & Albert (optional readings), Measuring the User Experience, Morgan Kaufmann
Policies: inls690_fall2013_coursepolicies.pdf
Schedule: The following schedule is subject to change:
(below, UXB denotes a reading in Hartson & Pyla; HUT in Rubin & Chisnell; MUE in Tullis & Albert)

Lecture Date Topic(s) Readings Assigned Due
1 20-Aug Introduction HUT Ch1;
UXB Ch20,22
2 27-Aug UX Lifecycle
Overview of CI
Overview of CA
Ex: Sakai CI
UXB Ch2,3,4 P1 User & Goals  
3 03-Sept Requirements
Cognitive Walkthrough
UXB Ch5,6 UX Tip  
4 10-Sept Rapid Evaluation Methods UXB Ch13 P2 HTA/CW
P1 User & Goals
5 17-Sept UX Goals, Metrics, Targets UXB Ch10, MUE    
6 24-Sept UX Evaluation Introduction UXB Ch12;
7 01-Oct Evaluation preparation
Test Plans, Participants, Materials
UXB Ch14;
HUT Ch5,7,8
8 08-Oct Moderator skills HUT Ch6,4    
9 15-Oct Running studies
UXB Ch15;
HUT Ch9,10
P3 Test plan  
10 22-Oct Analysis UXB Ch16;
Individual Heuristic Evaluation  
11 29-Oct Evaluation Reporting UXB Ch17;
HUT Ch12
12 05-Nov NO CLASS     P3 Test plan
13 12-Nov Analysis, part 2 UXB Ch21    
14 19-Nov Analyzing participant comments UXB Ch22 P4 Final report
P5 Final presentation
15 26-Nov Prototyping     Individual Heuristic Evaluation
16 03-Dec GROUP PRESENTATIONS     P5 Final presentation
  07-Dec Final reports due -- 12noon     P4 Final report