Assignment 3

Based on your work for Exercise 3 write a query to do the following

  • report back the aircraft name, aircraft ID, and aircraft cruising range for all aircraft which have at least two pilots certified on them and the lowest salaried pilot makes over $100,000.
  • Take the result of this query and save it to an XML file
  • View the XML file in browser and print out
  • Write an XSL file to filter and process your XML file so that it extracts and displays only aname and cruisingrange, and filters to only show aircraft that have cruising ranges greater than 2000 miles (this processing must be done via XSL, not in SQL). Also sort the results list by CruisingRange in ascending order. Your result should have table headers, in a different color than provided (i.e. change it), and below the headers you should list each aircraft in a row. (similar to the CD example provided).
  • Have browser display xml file linked with XSL stylesheet, then print out and turn in screen shot of browser window showing result. Turn in picture of your result, and XML file, and your XSL file.
For information on how to do the steps of A3 and how to setup and use your webspace on UNC servers see Class Resources page.