Curatorial Work and Learning in Virtual Environments

A Virtual World Project to Support the NDIIPP Community

A research project conducted by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Virginia Tech with support from NSF.

Our Exhibits

The Digital Preserve island holds posters from JCDL 2009 and ECDL 2009.

New To Second Life?

We've prepared some basic guidelines for people who are giving their first steps on Second Life.

Project Presentation

We are conducting exploratory research to demonstrate how Second Life (SL) can be leveraged in the digital curation community for purposes of improving work practices and training. The general aim is to understand collaboration, related to digital curation and preservation, which builds upon innovative and serious use of virtual environments. Specific aims focus on developing and assessing SL services that support collaboration and training related to curating and preserving digital objects and collections. These services will be developed and studied in the context of, and with the assistance of, the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) community.

The Digital Preserve

Digital Preserve Layout

Our island on Second Life is called the Digital Preserve, this island is focused on the exploration of new forms of digital preservation within Inmersive Environments, and the collaborative education of related topics.

Visit the Digital Preserve in-world! at

ecdl 2009 keynote redux


What we've done so far

What we'll do next

SLEC Team:

NSF Support

The SLEC project is made possible by NSF support via grants IIS-0910183 to VT and IIS-0910465 to UNC-CH

Updated: April 13th, 2010