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This is a catch-all list of other sites that may be helpful. Many are oriented toward art and museums, collaborative projects, and digital librarianship, but we hope to include a wide variety of links.

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This online journal is devoted to digital libraries and their issues - digital collections, copyright, etc.

Organizations and Consortiums or Projects

Getty Research Institute
This is a massive site and organization with everything from subject-specific thesauri, database projects, international research projects among scholars, special collections and libraries, bibliographies, and extensive guides for would-be archivists, researchers and catalogers. "Its goals are to promote innovative scholarship in the arts and humanities, to bridge traditional academic boundaries, and to provide a unique environment for research, critical inquiry, and debate."

Council on Library and Information Resources
"The projects and activities of CLIR are aimed at ensuring that information resources needed by scholars, students, and the general public are available for future generations."

Digital Library Federation
This membership-based organization provides funds and guidance for digital library projects. It includes a listserv, online newsletter, databases and several related links.

Institute of Museum and Library Sciences
This is a government site aimed at promoting learning and the devlopment of all types of museums and archives - science, history, art and more.

Virtual Library Museums
Find museums, museum-related libraries and databases around the world.

Research Materials

National Union Catalog of Manuscripts and Collections
This is a Library of Congress database of special collections around the world.

Reference materials in the E-Indexes and Databases library

Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)
This is a huge repository of archives, books, manuscripts, bibliograhies, research databases and institutional histories.

Repositories of Primary Sources
"A listing of over 5000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar."

The primary source of reviews, new materials and news for collection developers.

Feed Your Head

National Humanities Center
Located in Research Triangle Park, this center is a hub for scholarship and events that advance all humanities. See their calendar for several free lectures, concerts and other events.

Lucy Daniels Foundation
Located near Research Triangle Park, this foundation promotes personal freedom and emotional development through a deeper understanding of creativity. They provide psychoanalytic treatment, research, education, and outreach. They also host lectures, conferences and artist talks.

Research Triangle Park
This is the web site for the park as a whole.

CJ Jung Society of the Triangle Area
This society dedicated to psychoanalyst Carl Justav Jung hosts many events and conferences, many of which are free or cheap for students.

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