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Since 1910, the Special Libraries Association has promoted the interests of information professionals serving the needs of special populations. The SLA was created to allow librarians in specialized disciplines and non-traditional careers to share advice and network. With the growing diversity of library positions, the SLA encompasses a wide variety of careers. The UNC Student Chapter's activities are designed to promote the special library profession by highlighting the issues and trends facing the profession and exposing students to the various career opportunities in the field. We seek to facilitate communication between the practitioners of today and the professionals of tomorrow through:

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Membership in the UNC SLA chapter is free and not dependent on your membership in SLA. We do, however, encourage SILS students interested in working in specialized settings to join our parent Special Libraries Association. The student fee is $50 and includes membership in one chapter (by region) and one division (by topic) at no additional charge. You also receive SLA's monthly publication Information Outlook. To join, simply visit the SLA website.

We highly recommend joining the NC Chapter listserv to stay current with local news and events- just follow the instructions on the NC Chapter Website.

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Visit the membership page on the national web site for more information.

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