Table III-39

Specific Course Changes Made within the Past Academic Year



Courses Added

Courses Dropped

Experimental Courses


Contemp.Theories/Practices of Reading

The Internet: Design & Management

Critical Strategies for the Info. Universe




Economics of Information

Controlled Vocabularies

Decision Making for Info Professionals


Services to Minorities

Online Searching

Introduction to Archives

Information Literacy

Trends/Issues in E-learning for Information Professionals

Competitive Intel./Government Reg.

Issues of Global Resources & Librarianship

British Columbia

Foundations of Health Informatics

Information Policy

Contemporary Canadian Children’s Lit.

Illustrated Books for Children

Competitive Intelligence

Music Archives




Legal Information Sources


Business Intelligence

Legal Information Sources

Electronic Legal Information


Library Resources for the Young Child


Entrepreneurial Librarianship


Management of Public Libraries

Mgmt of School Library Media Centers

Management of Special Libraries & Information Centers

Library Automation & Instructional Technology

Management of Libraries



Digital Forensics & Risk Management


Electronic Text Design


Advanced Topics in Knowledge Management


Collection Management

Books for Early Chldhood

History of Children’s Books

Internet Publishing

Web Design

Project Management

Technology in Schools

Resources of American Research

Public Library History

Seminar: Youth Services

Seminar: Curriculum Issues

Intellectual Property

Competitive Intelligence


3rd Generation Distributed Systems in eBusiness



Data Mining

Survey: Healthcare Informatics

Topics in Information Systems

Topics in Information Science

Research Statistics I


Instructional Techniques for Teaching

Teaching in the Info Professionals

Collection Development


Digital Reference

Teaching Information Literacy Skills in the Classroom

Reader’s Advisory Service

Creating a Professional Image

Preservation Issues

Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship

Collection Development

Scenarios & Information Management

Introduction to Copyright


Cataloging Practicum

Dreamweaver and Other Software for Designing

Florida State


Foundations of Info. Studies





Personalized Web-based Info. Delivery


Architecture of Network Info. Systems

Communication Roles/Responsibilities of Libraries

Measurement & Evaluation of LIS

Undergrad Minor Special Topics Emerging Technologies

Web Based Training

Web Technology & Techniques

Adv. Special Topics              Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources

Museum Informatics

Search Engines/Information Retrieval Systems

Social History of US Telecommunications

Technology Support of Inquiry Environments for Learning and Teaching

Web Structures/Info. Architecture

Advanced Problems in LIS

Advanced Popular Literature

Change Management

Competitive Intelligence

Current Topics in Collection Development

Data Analysis for LIS Research

Distributed Knowledge

Document Processing

Information Professional Standards

Indexing & Abstracting

Information Architecture

Information Books & Resources for Youth

Information Consulting I

Information Services Marketing

Interfaces to Information Systems

Knowledge Studies for Info. Studies

Legal Issues in LIS

New Literacies

Qualitative Methods in LIS Research

Representing/Organizing Information Resources

Scenario Based Design

Seminar: History and Perspectives on Information Infrastructure

Social History of US Telecommunications

Special Library Administration

Teaching Practicum

Topics in Know. Repre.

Web Design/Construction for Organizations

Writing in LIS




Intro. to Information Architecture

Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces

Information Visualization


Introduction to Information Architecture

Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces

Information Visualization


Transition From Manuscript to Print

Non-Profit Organizations Effectiveness

Marketing: Cost Effectiveness

Informatics & Law

Research Practitioner

Introduction to Archives




Electronic Publishing




Medical  Informatics

Long Island



Teaching Methodologies in the SMC

Digital Tools

Teaching in Libraries

Promoting Your Library



Marketing the Public Library

Business and Competitive Intelligence


Principles of Archives Management

Electronic Description of Archival Materials

Principles of Records Management


Digital Libraries


Elective in Archives/Records Mgmt.



Proseminar: Dev. & Operation of Library & Information Service

Archives & Lib. in Western Civ.

Planning of Library Facilities

Currrent Problems in Preservation

Seminar in Collection Development.

Digital Libraries: Technology/Policy

Building the Human-Computer Interface

Instructional Materials Development

Information & War Against Terrorism

Knowledge Management

Visual & Sound Materials

Seminar: School Library Media Services

Information Use


Information in History & Information Analysis

Managing Cultural Institutions

Diversity in Librarianship

Issues in Information Policy


Information Networks Policy

Natural Language Processing

ECommunities: Analysis/Design of Online Interaction Environments

Technology in Design

Learning to Teach the Strategic Use of Complex Computer Applications





Way Cool Fast & Free Internet Resources for Teachers

Way Cool Fast/Fun Web Site Creation

Genre Fiction & Reading

Planning/Constructing Library Buildings

Other Courses

Designing Constructivist Learning Environments

Formative/Summative Evaluation

Instructional Design & Implementation Strategies

Human Information Behavior

Information Resources in Business

Interactive Story Design & Research

Current Issues in Librarianship

Internet Technology & Social Studies

Intro.ductionto Health Informatics for Libraries

Performance Technologies

Design/Modeling Systems

NC Chapel Hill

Retrieving/Analyzing Information

Database Concepts/Applications

Information Ethics

Organizing/Retrieving Information

Research in Information Retrieval

Research in Communication

Books, Publishing, and the Media

Information Entrepreneurship

Collaboration Strategies

Consumer Health Information

Cultural Resources: Digital Preservation & Access

Data Mgmt & Mining Using SAS

Evidence-based Medicine

Evolving Optimal Systems

Information & Culture

Information Ethics

Information Systems & Services

Machine Learning

Project Management

Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis

NC Greensboro



Library Services to Adults

Archival Resources

History of Libraries

Issues in Technical Services

Electronic Journals

North Texas



Advanced Storytelling

Hististory and Ethnography of Youth Information Services

Multiethnic Materials for Children & Young Adults

Database Design for Information Professionals

Community Based Health Information

Medical Digital Imaging

Distributed Learning Librarianship

Intellectual Property for Information Professionals


Information Environments

Object Oriented Info Systems

Information Systems & Networks

Design and Implementation of Networked Based Information Services

Information Studies Field Projects

Internship in Information Studies





User Needs & Information Services

Digitizing Research

Database Design and Applications



Museum Archives

Library Instruction


Introduction to the Information Professions

Information Services. & Resources

Knowledge Organization

Information Technologies

Museums & Library



Studies in Special Collections

Automated Document. Retrieval

Office Automation Systems

CD-ROM Production

Automatic Library Systems

Institute on Special Collections

Leading Library Change



Introduction to Metadata for Cataloging/Classification of Internet Resources

Mythology/Folklore for Children & YA

Advanced Reader Advisory Services in Public Libraries


Planning/Delivery of Services to Young Adults in Public Libraries

Advanced Reader Advisory Services in the Public Libraries

Cataloging/ Class. of Internet Resources

Mythology/Foklore for Children & Young Adults

Rhode Island

Digital Resources for Children/Teens

Database Management for Information Systems

Community Relations for Librarians

Information Ethics

Information Policy

St. Johns

Introduction to Digital Librarianship

Metadata for Information Professionals

Web Design for Libraries and Information Centers

Information Ethics

International Librarianship

Classification Schemes/Information Architecture

Exploring NY Libraries

Organization of Information:  Issues for the Electronic Environment

Building a Library Website

Curriculum Materials K-12

San Jose



Emerging Technologies

Information Brokering Business

The Global Internet


Curriculum Frameworks/Instructional Strategies for Library Teachers

Apprenticeship (preK-12)

Intro. to Information Architecture

Introduction to Information Design



South Carolina


Informations Sources of International Organizations


South  Florida




Libraries as Multicultural Institutions

Digital Libraries

Visualization of Knowledge

Consumer Health Information

Library Services for Genealogists

Library Services for Distance Learners

Teaching Information Literacy Skills

Information Services. in Business and Law


Southern Connecticut

Storytelling Art & Technique

History and Development of Folktales in Oral Tradition

Oral Tradition in Ancient & Modern Mythology




Cost Modeling

Final Project in Telecommunications Systems

Practicum in Teaching




Curriculum Overhaul added 18 courses

Dropped 7 courses




Electronic Records Mgmt

Information Management in Organizations

Architecture of  Information Systems & Organizations

Designing Electronic Descriptive Tools

Interacting Information Systems

Archives: Access, Advocacy & Outreach

Information Policy




Information Literacy for Teaching & Learning

Systems Analysis



Human Cognition & Info Systems

Library Consortia

Digital Copyright

Designing Metadata Schema

Information Management Issues in Organizations

Information Resources & Services in Culturally Diverse Communities

Services & Resources for Young Children & Parents

Wayne State



Book Reviewing of Children’s/YA Literature

Western Ontario

Health Informatics

Shaping News & Information through Technology

Consumer Health Information & Services

Information Management

Information Media

Information Policy

Web Design and Architecture

Electronic Librarian

Archival Reference Services & Outreach


Mass Media & Global Communication

Geographies of Information

Community Information Technologies

Digital Divides & Differences

Impacts of Technology

Cyberspace Law

Specific Literature Courses

LIS 832

LIS 833

LIS 836

Information in Cultural Context



Digital Libraries

Information Sources & Services in Social Science & Humanities

Information Sources & Services in the Humanities

Selection & Appraisal of Archives



Other Specific Changes to Curricula


·          Alabama renamed LS 500 from Bibliographic Organization and Control to Organization of Information.  They also reviewed the entire PhD program in the College.

·          Albany changed requirement for school library track in MSIS to two internships effective Spring 2003 to meet new state certification requirements.  The combined degree programs with MLS were changed to combined degree programs with MSIS.

·          Alberta continued to examine technology area and implemented in-house Internet course.

·          Arizona reviewed and revised the core curriculum.

·          British Columbia reviewed PhD’s in Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies.

·          Buffalo revised course description for LIS 505 & 506 to ensure consistency.

·          Catholic revised Special Topics courses.

·          Clarion reviewed Management, Technology, and School Library Media curriculums.

·          Dominican agreed in February 2002 to begin a review of core curriculum in the Fall of 2002.  They approved the  Knowledge Management Master’s Degree Program.

·          Drexel recommended a new course sequence for the online MS(LIS) Mgmt of Digital Information (MDI) specialization.

·          Emporia added a Legal Information Management Certificate for credit.  They reduced required hours from 21 to 13 for the MLS.

·          Florida State created 5 concentrations for the Master’s curriculum.

·          Illinois was approved for LEEP online delivery for the CAS.  They redesigned 2 core courses for the MS program.

·          Iowa increased 4 courses from 2 semester hours to 3 semester hours and made Reference a required course.

·          Kent State reviewed and is revising the Culminating Experience.

·          Long Island reviewed the core requirements.

·          Louisiana reviewed the required courses and revised prerequisites for field experience.

·          Maryland revised courses unique to school media track to be in accordance with state and national certification standards.  They are considering reducing total credit hours for 4 core courses from 12 to 9 to allow 3 more elective credits.

·          Michigan added MSI and MSW (Master of Social Work).

·          Missouri reviewed the MA program, but made no changes.

·          NC Chapel Hill adjusted prerequisites to reflect new courses and added an Undergraduate Major in Information Science (BSIS)

·          NC Greensboro reviewed licensure for “Instructional Technology Specialist Computers”

·          North Texas reviewed and revised General Practice Program of Study.

·          Oklahoma is continuing to review core requirements for MLIS degree.

·          Pratt redesigned core by reducing from 18 to 12 starting in Fall of 2002.

·          Puerto Rico is continuing to evaluate new curriculum begun in August 2000.

·          Queens offered GLIS 763 in on-line and traditional classroom modes and added a Certificate in Children, and YA Services in the Public Library.

·          Rutgers added a 39 credit hour undergraduate program in Information Technology and Informatics (ITI).

·          St. John’s added new concentration in Digital Libraries.  They also dropped a “type of literature” course and replaced it with either Reference or Information Organization.

·          Simmons added a Competitive Intelligence Center for new program area.

·          South Carolina is reviewing their curriculum in the core requirements.

·          Southern Connecticut added a sixth-year concentration in Art of the Oral Tradition.

·          Southern Mississippi is continuing the review of the master’s program.

·          Syracuse modified TNM program, effective Summer 2002.  

·          Tennessee reviewed and revised the required course sequencing.

·          Texas overhauled the total curriculum of the MSIS.

·          Texas Woman’s revised course rotation schedule allowing for students attending FT to complete degree within three semesters.  They also added two seminars, one of which is required for new doctoral students.

·          Toronto added a new one-year Diploma of Advanced Studies (post MISt degree).  They also revised Enhancement of Research Option to a Thesis Option and added a new collaborative program, Knowledge Media Design.

·          UCLA added the MA program of Moving Image & Archival Studies.

·          Washington approved a new prefix (ITA) for professional courses offered in certificate programs to highlight uniqueness of these offerings and approved distance MLIS.

·          Wayne State is continuing ongoing review of MLIS curriculum and specifically the areas of concentration.

·          Western Ontario added an MA and PhD in Media Studies.

·          Wisconsin-Madison is developing a whole new range of electives and adding a number of cross-listed courses.

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