Table III-28

Special Requirements for Graduation



















Other Requirements for the Master's Degree

·          Alberta- Capping exercise for MLIS degree.

·          Arizona- A 3-5 page course justification document that discusses academic experience is  reviewed by faculty advisor.

·          Clark-Atlanta- Communication Skills course

·          Dominican- Computer competency

·          Emporia- A progress evaluation is conducted after completing 3-4 theory courses.   Faculty assess progress on class performance and portfolio with reflective essay.  A capstone class during last semester of program requires another portfolio.

·          Kentucky- 6 hour cognate

·          Montreal- Language requirement for foreign students

·          NC Central- Computer language or statistics

·          NC-Chapel Hill- Information technology competency demonstrated through written programmatic and oral self-assessment

·          NC-Greensboro- Professional portfolio (LIS 603) for MLIS

·          Oklahoma- Exit interview; Competency test unless thesis is written.

·          Puerto Rico- Electronic program portfolio and exit interview

·          San Jose- Thesis, Culminating Experience, or other special project

·          Simmons- Concept paper, research proposal , and defense of proposal

·          Southern Connecticut- Special project required for MLS and certification program

·          Southern Mississippi- Master’s Project

·          UCLA and Washington- Portfolio or thesis

·          Texas Women’s- Defense of thesis

·          Wayne State- Research Methods course (capstone) with major proposal


Other Requirements for the Post‑Master's Degree 


·          Drexel- Culminating Independent Study

·          Hawaii- Research paper and its oral presentation

·          Illinois- 8 hour CAS Project

·          NC-Chapel Hill- Information technology competency demonstrated through written programmatic and oral self-assessment; Oral evaluation of the CAS Program experience

·          North Texas- Information Technology Knowledge and Skills

·          Southern Mississippi- Thesis or field problem

·          UCLA- Specialization paper

·          Texas Women’s- Defense of dissertation

Other Requirements for the Doctoral Degree

·          Alabama- 6 hours of language or computer science or 6 extra hours beyond the basic 6 hours required in statistics

·          Albany- Technology “tools” course

·          Florida State- Publishable paper prior to beginning dissertation research

·          Illinois- 8 hours research methods and 8 hours pro-seminar/reading group

·          Indiana- Research skills & methods

·          Kentucky- 9 hour cognate

·          Michigan- First-year research project; Teaching experience

·          NC-Chapel Hill- Two publishable papers prior to taking comprehensive exam

·          North Texas- Computer competency, research proficiency, organization of information level

·          Texas- Statistics or computer programming

·          Toronto- Determination of Research Readiness (DDR)

·          UCLA- Publishable paper (technically part of exams) in addition to dissertation

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