Table III-26

Number of Programs Offering Field Work for Credit





















          Alabama students may take more than one internship in different areas.

          Albany students may choose to do two internships until 2003 when they will be required to do so.

          Catholic indicates a student may take the practicum twice.

          Clark Atlanta, Pratt, and Queens require an internship for the School Media candidates, optional for all others.

          UCLA students may take up to 3 internships.

          Dalhousie requires a Supervised Practicum for all students, but it carries no credit.

          Dominican indicates 15 (student teaching clinical experience) LIS 728 (1-5 hrs.); Practical Experience in School Library Media, LIS 729 (no hrs.); Practicum (3 hrs.)

          Drexel reports a student may take 6 hours of field work, but it does not count toward the degree.

          Florida State indicates that the number of credits is assigned to meet particular goals as agreed upon by student and supervisor which can be completed as a single internship or several smaller internships.

          Indiana says that hours vary depending on total hours worked.

          Kent State indicates 2 hours for 100 hrs onsite; 3 hours for 150 hours onsite.

          NC Central indicates 6 hours when the experience covers a full academic year.

          NC Chapel Hill students needing school media certification who are already certified to teach in North Carolina take a three-hour Practicum. If they are not, then the requirement is 6 hrs.

          Rhode Island indicates School Media Certification requires a 9-hour practicum.

          Southern Connecticut reports only 3 of 6 possible hours are applicable toward the degree.

          Texas indicates field work is 3 hours not applied to degree requirements.

          Toronto indicates field work is not applicable to the degrees it offers.

          Washington indicates 2-4 credits; 100-200 hours.

          Wayne State credits are based on hours spent onsite; course may be taken twice.

          Wisconsin-Milwaukee students may take field work for 1 to 3 credits and may repeat to a maximum of 6 credits with consent of instructors.


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