Table III-19

Methods of Exempting Required Courses



Number of Programs

Written Exam


Transcript from other school


Approval of Advisor/Faculty





·          Alabama and Louisiana State require presentation of a syllabus.  Alabama further requires approval by the School’s Committee on Curriculum.

·          Dalhousie and Kent State indicate the director may grant exemption.

·          Iowa allows exemption with approval of the Admissions Committee.

·          Long Island and Pratt require approval by the Dean.

·          Maryland indicates exemptions must be approved by the Program Committee.

·          McGill indicates Master’s Degree exemptions are offered occasionally if course equivalency can be shown.  Doctoral students may start at PHD 2 if continuing in same subject.

·          Montreal requires approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Director.

·          UNC-Greensboro graduate students may exempt LIS 650 with an MBA.

·          Oklahoma indicates approval by the Committee on Admissions, Financial Aid and Academic Standing is required.  Transcript based exemptions must be from an ALA accredited program.

·          Pittsburgh allows exemptions with the approval of the Admissions and Review Committee.

·          Queen’s requires submission of a MA/MS thesis written for another degree.

·          Rhode Island indicates that a written exam in conjunction with “credit for experience” is used infrequently.  No more than 20 percent of a student’s credits may be transferred in.  A student may substitute an elective in place of a waived requirement.

·          Simmons indicates a student may petition the faculty.

·          South Carolina grants exemptions with presentations of a portfolio.

·          Texas indicates approval by the Graduate Studies Committee and the Dean is necessary.

·          Toronto only allows exemptions for courses un-used toward other degrees.

·          Washington requires Dean’s approval; at doctoral level, approval of PH.D Committee is also required.

·          Wayne State indicates evaluation of course work, syllabi, and assignments are necessary.

·          Western Ontario allows exemptions for appropriate professional work.

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