General Notes for Table II-5 data


                A number of schools were unable to supply information on their in-state/in province and out-of-state/out-of province status of their students, instead reporting the information as “NA.”  In some cases, the numbers in these tables for those schools were taken from the data reported by them for Table II-1.  Although total percentages for these tables have been calculated, the number of schools who have a sizable proportion of their students in the “NA” column may distort the percentages.  Thus some caution should be taken when using those figures.


                When reviewing the data provided in the II-5 tables, the following comments provided by individual schools should be considered.



College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota is a joint program with Dominican University’s GSLIS.  Out of state is outside Illinois and outside Minnesota.


Data not collected.


Data not available.


Not available values reflect continuing students while in-state/province and out-of-state/province reflect new students.

Western Ontario

Data not available.