General Notes for Table II-12 Data


Exchange Rate October 25, 2002:           1 US Dollar (USD) = 1.56540 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

1 CAD = 0.63881 USD



When reviewing the data provided in the II-12 tables, the following comments provided by individual schools should be considered:



Students who work as graduate assistants and are not residents of Arizona also receive a waiver for their out-of-state tuition. 


Information not available for undergraduate students.


Average is for 10 hours per week for 9 months at an hourly rate of $7.00.


Includes stipend and value of tuition and service fee waiver.


Defines “assistantships” as fee scholarship packages with hourly positions; doctoral research assistantships; IUPUI awards; health fees (if applicable), etc.  Awards are for those beginning Fall 2002 – with total award amounts – which are for one calendar year.  Figures are for the complete award for one calendar year.


Includes the value of stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance and registration fees.