Table III-40

Course Changes Made in 2001-2002 by School



Courses Added

Courses Dropped

Experimental Courses


Contemp.Theories/Practices of Reading

The Internet: Design & Mgmt

Critical Strategies for the Info. Universe




Economics of Info

Controlled Vocab.

Decision Making for Info Professionals


Provid/Eval Serv to Minorities

Online Searching

Intro to Archives

Info Literacy

Trends/Issues in E-learning for Info. Pro.

Comp. Intel./Govt. Reg.

Issues Global Resources & Librarianship

British Columbia

Found. Of Health Informatics

Information Policy

Contemp. Canadian Childrení»s Lit.

Illustrated Books for Children

Competitive Intelligence

Music Archives




Legal Info Sources


Special Topics: Business Intelligence

ST: Legal Info Sources

ST: Electronic Legal Info.


ST: Library Resources for the Young Child


Entrepreneurial Librarianship


Mgmt of Public Lib.

Mgmt of School Lib. Media Centers

Mgmt of Special Lib. & Info Centers

Library Automation & Instructional Technology

Mgmt of Libraries



Digital Forensics & Risk Mgmt


Electronic Text Design


Adv. Topics in Knowledge Mgmt


Collection Mgmt

ST: Bks Early Chldhd

ST: Hist. of Cldrní»s Bks

ST: Internet Publishing

ST: Web Design

Project Management

Technology in Schools

Resources of American Research

Public Library History

Seminar: Youth Servs.

Seminar: Curr. Issues

Intellectual Property

Competitive Intelligence


3rd Generation Distributed Systems in eBusiness



Data Mining

Survey: Healthcare Informatics

Topics in Info Systems

Topics in Info Science

Research Statistics I


Instruct. Techniques for Teaching

Teaching in the Info Pro.

Collection Development


Digital Reference

Teach. Info Lit. Skills in Classroom

Readerí»s Advisory Serv.

Creating a Pro. Image

Preservation Issues

Intro. to Health Sciences Librarianship

Collection Development

Scenarios & Info. Mgmt

Intro. to Copyright


Cataloging Practicum

Dreamweaver/Other Software for Designing

Florida State


Found. of Info. Studies





Personalized Web-based Info. Delivery


Architecture of Network Info. Systems

Communication Roles/Responsibilities of Libraries

Measurement & Evaluation of LIS

Undergrad Minor Special Topics Emerging Technologies

Web Based Training

Web Technology & Techniques

Adv. Special Topics              Designing Universally Accessible WWW Resources

Museum Informatics

Search Engines/Info. Retrieval Systems

Social Hist. Of US Telecommunications

Tech. Sup. Inquiry Environments for Learning /Teaching

Web Structures/Info. Architecture

Adv. Problems in LIS

Ad. Popular Lit.

Change Management

Comp. Intelligence

Cur. Topics in Col. Dev.

Data Analysis for LIS Research

Distributed Knowledge

Document Processing

Ele. Pub. / Info. Pro. Standards

Indexing & Abstracting

Info. Architecture

Info. Bks & Resources for Youth

Info. Consulting I

Info. Serv. Marketing

Interfaces to Info Systems

Know. Studies for Info. Studies

Legal Issues in LIS

New Literacies

Qual. Methods in LIS Research

Representing/Organizing Info. Resources

Scenario Based Design

Seminar: Hist. Perspec. On Info. Infrastructure

Social Hist. Of US Telecommunications

Special Lib. Admin.

Teaching Practicum

Topics in Know. Repre.

Web Design/Construct. for Organizations

Writing in LIS



Courses Added

Courses Dropped

Experimental Courses



Intro. to Information Architecture

Interface Design for Collaborative Info. Spaces

Info. Visualization


Intro. to Info. Arch.

Interface Design for Collaborative Info. Spaces

Information Visualization


Transition From Manuscript to Print

Non-Profit Organ.

Effectiveness II

Marketing: Cost Effect.

Informatics & Law

Research Practitioner

Intro. to Archives




Electronic Publishing




Medical  Informatics

Long Island



Teaching Methodologies in the SMC

Digital Tools

Teaching in Libraries

Promoting Your Lib.



Marketing the Pub. Lib.

Bus. & Comp. Intell.


Principles of Archives Mgmt

Electronic Description of Archival Materials

Principles of Records Mgmt


Digital Libraries


785: Elective in Archives/Records Mgmt track



Proseminar: Dev. & Operation of Lib. & Info. Service

Archives & Lib. in Western Civ.

Planning of Library Facilities

Curr. Prob. In Preserv.

Seminar in Coll. Dev.

Digital Libraries: Technology/Policy

Building the Human-Computer Interface

Instructional Materials Development

Info & War Against Terrorism

Knowledge Management

Visual & Sound Materials

Seminar: School Lib. Media Services

ST: Information Use

ST: Info. Technology

Info. In Hist. & Information Analysis

Managing Cultural Inst.

Diversity in Libship.

Issues in Info. Policy


Information Networks Policy

Natural Language Processing

ECommunities: Analysis/Design of Online Interaction Environments

Technology in Design

ST: Learning to Teach the Strategic Use of Complex Comp. App.





Way Cool Fast & Free Internet Resources for Teachers

Way Cool Fast/Fun Web Site Creation

Genre Fict. & Reading

Planning/Constructing Lib. Bldgs.

Other Courses

Designing Constructivist Learning Environments

Formative/Summative Evaluation

Instructional Dsgn & Implementation Strat.

Human Info. Behavior

Info. Resources in Bus.

Interactive Story Dsgn & Research

Curr. Iss. In Libship.

Internet Technology & Social Studies

Intro. to Health Informatics for Lib.

Performance Tech.

Dsgn/Modeling Systems

NC Chapel Hill

Retrieving/Analyzing Information

Database Concepts/Applications

Information Ethics

Organizing/Retrieving Information

Research in Information Retrieval

Research in Communication

Bks, Publishing, and the Media

Info Entrepreneurship

Collaboration Strategies

Consumer Hlth Info.

Cultural Res.: Digital Preservation & Access

Data Mgmt & Mining Using SAS

Evidence-based Medicine

Evolving Optimal Sys.

Information & Culture

Information Ethics

Info. Sys. & Services

Machine Learning

Project Management

Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis

NC Greensboro



Lib. Serv. to Adults

Archival Resources

History of Libraries

Issues in Tech. Serv.

Electronic Journals

North Texas



Advanced Storytelling

Hist./Ethnography of Youth Info. Serv.

Multiethnic Mat. for Children & YA

Database Dsgn for Info. Professionals

Community Based Health Information

Medical Digital Imag.

Distributed Lrning Librarianship

Intell. Property for Info Professionals


Information Environ.

Obj. Oriented Info Sys.

Info. Sys. & Networks

Dsgn/Imple. of Networked Based Info Services

Info. Studies Field Proj.

Internship in Info St.





User Needs & Info. Services

Digitizing Research

Database Dsgn & App.



Museum Archives

Library Instruction


Intro. to Info. Pro.

Info. Serv. & Resources

Know. Organization

Info. Technologies

Museums & Library



Studies in Sp. Coll.

Auto. Doc. Retrieval

Office Auto. Systems

CD-ROM Production

Auto. Library Systems

Institute on Sp. Coll.

Leading Lib. Change



Intro. to Metadata for Cataloging/Class. Of Internet Resources

Mythology/Fklore for Children & YA

Ad. Reader Advisory Services in Pub. Lib.


Planning/Delivery of Serv. to YA in Pub. Lib.

Ad. Reader Advisory Services in the Pub. Lib.

Cataloging/ Class. of Internet Resources

Mythology/Fklore for Children & YA

Rhode Island

Digital Resources for Children/Teens

Database Management for Info Systems

Community Relations for Librarians

Information Ethics

Information Policy

St. Johns

Intro. to Digital Lib.

Metadata for Info. Pro.

Web Dsgn for Lib. & Info Centers

Information Ethics

Interntl Librarianship

Class. Schemes/Info Architecture

Exploring NY Libraries

Organization of Information:  Issues for the Elec. Environment

Building a Library Website

Curriculum Materials K-12

San Jose



Emerging Technologies

Information Brokering Business

The Global Internet


Curr. Framewks/Instr. Strategies for Lib. Teachers


Intro. to Info. Architect.

Intro. to Info Dsgn.



South Carolina


Info Sources of Intí»l Organizations


South  Florida




Lib. as Multicultural Institutions

Digital Libraries

Visualization of Knowledge

Consumer Health Info

Library Services for Genealogist

Lib. Serv. for Distance Learners

Teaching Info Literacy Skills

Info Serv. in Bus/Law


Southern Connecticut


Storytelling Art & Technique

Hist. & Devel. of Fktale in Oral Tradition

Oral Trad. In Ancient & Modern Mythology




Cost Modeling

Final Proj. in Telecommunications Systems

Practicum in Teaching




Curriculum Overhaul added 18 courses

Dropped 7 courses




Elec. Records Mgmt

Info Mgmt in Org.

Architecting Info., Sys., & Organizations

Dsgning Electronic Descriptive Tools

Interacting Info. Sys.

Archives: Access, Advocacy & Outreach

Information Policy




Information Literacy for Teaching & Lrning

Systems Analysis



Human Cognition & Info Systems

Library Consortia

Digital Copyright

Designing Metadata Schema

Info. Mgmt Issues in Organizations

Info. Resources& Services in Culturally Diverse Communities

Services & Resources for Young Children & Parents

Wayne State



Book Reviewing of Childrení»s/YA Lit.

Western Ontario

Health Informatics

Shaping News & Info. through Technology

Consumer Health Information & Services

Information Mgmt

Information Media

Information Policy

Web Dsgn & Arch.

Electronic Librarian

Archival Reference Services & Outreach


Mass Media &Global Communication

Geographies of Info.

Community Info. Tech.

Digital Divides & Diff.

Impacts of Technology

Cyberspace Law

Specific Lit. Courses

LIS 832

LIS 833

LIS 836

Info. in Cultural Context



Digital Libraries

Info. Sources & Serv. in Social Science & Humanities

Information Sources & Services in the Humanities

Selection & Appraisal of Archives

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