Table III-41

Curriculum Changes Under Consideration


Type of Changes Under Consideration

Number of Schools Reporting Possible Changes

Changes in Core/Required Courses


Adding 6th Year or Post-Master's Program


Adding Doctoral Program


Changing Length of Master's Program


Adding Joint Master's Program


Other Changes



·          Alberta — Considering making changes in core courses and adding a new class and seminar.

·          Arizona —  Considering changing the research methods requirements, removing a class, adding a         requirement, and working on certification programs with other departments.  Plans on adding         additional courses to the core requirements.

·          British Columbia — Considering adding a diploma in Archival Studies and a joint Masters program in         Teacher-Librarianship.

·          Buffalo — Considering adding a masters program in Information and Communication.

·          Clark Atlanta — Faculty and the University Curriculum Committee have approved a concentration         in health sciences librarianship.

·          Dalhousie — Considering adding a joint program with the School of Business Administration and         with the School of Public Administration.

·          Dominican – Developing the Archives Concentration and a Certificate or Masters in Knowledge         Management.

·          Drexel – Made changes to the BSIS and Ph.D. programs.  An online MS program has been deployed.

·          Emporia — Considering implementing a specific track for children’s work, and is reviewing the         following areas of the curriculum; records management, theory core, cataloging, information         transfer in disciplines, history of information, current issues core, archives as a new core, and         instruction as a new core.

·          Florida State – Submitting a proposal to explore an MS degree in Information Sciences and Systems,         and a joint MS in Library and Information Studies and JD (Law School).

·          Illinois — Conducting an ongoing review of the Ph.D. program.

·          Indiana — Making changes in the MIS core/required courses.

·          Iowa — Considering adding an MS in Information Science.

·          Kent State — Planning to continue the investigation into the Masters research paper requirement,         and the role of distributed education.

·          Kentucky – Completely reworking the core/required courses and plans on extending the hour         requirements of the Masters program.

·          Long Island – Considering making changes in the school media curriculum.

·          Louisiana State – Considering adding a joint Masters program with Spanish and also offering         undergraduate courses.

·          Maryland — Considering adding a post masters program, adding another masters program, and         undergraduate courses.

·          McGill — Considering adding a doctoral program.

·          Michigan – Considering adding an E-Commerce joint degree with Business and Engineering, and a         dual degree with Nursing.

·          Missouri —  Considering adding a 6th year or post-master’s program.

·          Montréal — Considering adding an undergraduate certificate program in Electronic Information         Management as of September 2001.

·          North Carolina - Greensboro — Reviewing the core courses for inclusion of technology         competencies and research skills, and is also reviewing the elective courses on a cyclical basis for         relevance to professional positions.

·          Oklahoma — Considering adding the addition of an undergraduate program (B.S. in Information         Studies).

·          Pittsburgh — Considering changing the MST credit requirements from 48 to 36, and is developing         the online MLIS program.

·          Puerto Rico —  Made changes in the core program increasing it from 24 to 31 credit hours.  They         also approved 3 post-master degree programs, and three post bachelor certificates.

·          Queens — Planning on adding an undergraduate minor in Information Studies and a doctoral         program.

·          Rhode Island — Developing a new Information Resources Management degree.

·          Rutgers — Plans an ongoing review of the core courses.

·          San Jose – Considering an undergraduate minor in Information Studies.

·          Simmons — Considering making changes in the required courses.

·          South Carolina – Considering an undergraduate minor or major.  An interdisciplinary proposal is         underway.

·          South Florida – Considering adding additional courses and a post-masters certificate program.

·          Southern Connecticut — Plans for a joint masters with Women’s Studies, and an MS in         Communication, Information & Culture, which will be an interdisciplinary degree with         Communications, Computer Science, and Library Science.

·          Southern Mississippi — Evaluating the coverage of the required courses.  A faculty member has also         initiated a discussion regarding lengthening the master’s program.

·          Syracuse — Planning to add the course, Information Creation and Acquisition Processes to the core         curriculum.

·          Tennessee — Plans to add an undergraduate minor.

·          Texas — Plans on changing the core courses from tracks to functional areas, and changing the         length of the master’s program from 36 to 40 hours.

·          Texas Women’s — Planning on add a master’s program in Children’s Literature and is considering         the delivery of a hybrid/Internet curriculum.

·          Washington — Plans to add a distance learning MLIS program.

·          Wayne State — Plans to add a doctoral program, a joint masters with the College of Urban, Labor,         and Metropolitan Affairs, and a revision of elective courses to complete the entire curriculum         evaluation a redesign of the MLIS.

·          Western Ontario – Considering adding a Master’s of Arts in Media Studies Degrees.

·          Wisconsin-Madison Plans to complete the redefinition of core areas this year, possibly reducing         the number of core courses, and is moving to cross-list additional courses.

·          Wisconsin-Milwaukee Planning to add a Masters  of Archival Studies Program.



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