Table III-40

Special Course Changes made Within the Past Academic Year



Courses Dropped

Courses Added

Experimental Courses


History of the Book

Seminar:  Studies in Knowledge and Information

Seminar:  In Research Methods

Seminar:  In Research Design

Managing Network Information Resources

Introduction to Philanthropy and Institutional Advancement

History of the Book:  Print Culture and Society

History of the Book:  Materiality of the Text

Electronic and Contemporary Publishing

Special Topics in the History of the Book




Web Development

Introduction to Knowledge Management

Introduction to Data Warehousing

Storytelling for Librarians in Program and Curriculum Integration


Reference Services Theory and Field Experience

Contemporary Theories and Practices of Reading

Instructional Practices in LIS

Comic Books and Graphic Novels in School and Public Libraries

Globalization, Diversity and Information

British Columbia


Arrangement of Archival Documents

Archival Research and Scholarship

Topics in Management of Records

Implementing Enterprise Document Management and Systems

Advanced Bibliographic Control

Subject Analysis

Electronic Resources for Children and Young Adults

Current Trends in LIS

Instructional Partnerships

Issues in Intellectual Freedom and Access




Digital Libraries


California – Los Angeles


Cyberspace Law & Policy Issues


The Private Press

Electronic Publishing

Digital Collections of Still Moving Images

Cataloging Moving Images

Non-English Information Sources

Collection Development for Moving Images

Contemporary Issues in National Information Policy

Clark Atlanta


Business Information Resources

Art/Museum Librarianship

Health Sciences Librarianship




Library Management and Current Problems in Librarianship

Electronic Access to Information in Society

Information in Society




Reference Sources in Health Sciences

Searching Electronic Databases

Project Management

Internet Resources

Evidence Based Health Care


Data Warehousing

Survey Research

Information Management Tools I and II

Reference and Information Services Management

Online Bibliographic Searching

Advanced Online Bibliographic Searching

Biomedical Database Searching

Media Programs for Children and Adults

Audiovisual Equipment and Production

Reading Interests and Contemporary Literature

Career Integrated Education I and II

Software Project Management

Visual Information Retrieval



Foundations of Information Management

Information Management Practicum

Instructional Techniques for  Teaching Information and Technology

Florida State


Knowledge Representation

Information Administration

Seminar in Library Resources and Services

Information Services

Multicultural Information for YA

Tech Communication

Tech for Information

International Literature for YA

Honors Work

Evaluation Systems

Information Policy

Collaborative Research

Issues in Information Behavior

Issues in Theory Development

Advanced Topics in Information Sources and Services

Dev. Programs for Information Services

Libraries in Networked Environments

Theory Development




Management of Nonprint & Electronic Resources

Digital Librarianship


Library Automation

Theory of Archives

Foundations of Data Processing in Library and Information Science

Introduction to Networked Information Systems

Use and  Users of Information

Document Processing

Foundations of Data Processing in Library and Information Science

Collection Development

Science and the Internet

Race, Gender & Information Technology

Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems:  Looking Under the Hood

Career in Information Technology

Computers and Communication

Electronic Publishing or Information Industry

Information Consulting

Illinois (cont’)



Interfaces to Information Systems

Agents and Multi-agents for Dynamic Information Systems

Information Quality

Advanced Legal Issues in LIS

Fantasy Books for Children

Information Services Marketing




Management of Libraries and Information Centers

Community Networks

Electronic Records Management

Metadata Workshop

Basics of Medical Reference Workshop

Information Management and Records Retention Workshop

Knowledge Management Workshop

Digitizing Collections Workshop






Kent State



Database Systems




Technology in Information Centers

Information Literacy

Long Island

Health Related Databases


Librarianship for Diverse Populations

User Services

International and Comparative Librarianship

Technology and Communication

Graphical Information Display

Technology and Western Culture

Qualitative Research


Art Librarianship

Questioning Technology

Marketing the Public Library

Technology Stories

Foreign and International Law

Collection Management

User Education

Children’s Literature and Emotional Development

Louisiana State



Records Management




Information Retrieval Systems

Managing Cultural Institutions

Digital Libraries:  Technology and Policy

Health Information Reference Sources

Instructional Materials Development

Group Field Work:  Business Information Analysis on the Internet

Current Problems in Preservation

Children’s Programming and Services

Knowledge Management

Documentation, Collection,  and Appraisal of Records

Building the Human – Computer Interface


Bilingual Information and Information Sciences

Online and CD-ROM Databases


Multimedia Systems



History of Computers and Networks

Management of Specialized Information Services

Sciences Information

Systems, Networks, and Webs

Vocabularies for Representation and Retrieval



Michigan (cont’)


Information Architecture

Global Electronic Commerce





Introduction to Web Development

Using Tech. To Enhance Learning

Technology Coordination

Technology Leadership in Schools

Intro Seminar

Adolescent Literature

Networks & Telecommunications

Instructional Services – Bibliographic Instruction

Advanced Web Development

Show-Me-Leaders:  Library Leaders for a New Century

Web Design and Development

Internet Reference

Information Literacy for the 21st Century:  The Big 6 Skills

Approach to Information Skills

Library Instruction for Distant Users of the Public Library

Information Services in Electronic Communities

Literacy and Technology

NC Central


Meta-Data Analysis

Information Management and Instructional Research

Resources and Services for Educational Programs

NC Chapel Hill


Cultural Institutions

Information Ethics

Consumer Health Information

Advanced Internet Applications

Introduction to Archives and Records Management


NC Chapel Hill (cont’)



Advanced Archival Systems

Cultural Institutions


Advanced Searching


Leadership in the Information Organization

NC – Greensboro


Web Site Design and Management

Telecommunication and the Internet

Desktop Publishing

Intellectual Freedom Seminar

HTML and Web Design

Reference Interview

Bibliographic Instruction

Teachers and New Technologies

Teaching the Library User

Special Collections

North Texas

Young Adult Materials & Services

Children’s Materials & Services

Digital Imaging Lab

Learning Resources & Services

Organization of Media

Children & Young Adult Services

Children & Young Adult Literature

Digital Image Lab

Learning Resources Education and Media



Electronic Access to Social Science Research Resources

Bibliographic Management in Web and Hybrid Libraries





Bibliographic Instruction

Digitizing Library & Archival Research Collections for Access

Digital Preservation

User Needs & Information Services

Systems Administration

Museum Archives

Key Technologies for Information Services



Librarian as Teacher


Puerto Rico


Bibliometric Indicators to Evaluate Collections and Information Science

Introductory Course/Collection Development

Indexing and Abstracting

Administration Seminar

Leadership Workshop

Internet as a Curriculum Source

Proposal Development Workshop

Production and Use of Info. in Science & Technology

Organization of Information





Archives & Manuscripts

Records Management

Planning, Measurement, & Evaluation of Library/Information Services

Computer Assisted Research & Reporting

Information Resource Instruction

Adult Reader Advisory Services in the Public Library

Digital Libraries

Planning & Delivering Services to Youth in the Public Library

Rhode Island

Library Effectiveness

Research & Evaluation in Library and Information Services

Multiculturalism in Libraries

Internet for Librarians

Digital Resources for Children and Young Adults

Information Ethics

Information Policy


Advanced Cataloging and Classification



Digital Libraries

The History of the Book in America

Planning Outreach Services

User Centered Information Services

Gender and Culture in Children’s Picture Books

St. Johns



Teaching and the Library

Selection and Acquisition of Curriculum Materials, Preschool to Grade 12

San Jose



Knowledge Management

Financial Management

Customizing Information

South Carolina



Archival Electronic Description

Information Agency Administration & Management

Internet Content

Digital Libraries

Internet Database Design

South  Florida


Introduction to Library Administration

Organization & Administration of the School Media Center

Collection Development and Maintenance

Library Services to Distant Users

Reference Services for Fine Arts

Medical Information Sources and Services

Library Services for Genealogists

Library Services to Migrants

Library Digitization

Collection Assessment

Indexing and Abstracting

Business and Law Reference

Southern Connecticut


Readers Advisory Services

Special Topics:  Cataloging & Dev. of a Digital Union Catalog for Ancient Chinese Books

Legends, Folklores & Mythology for Scotland

Literacy:  The Issue & the Library’s Response

History & Development of the Oral Tradition

Library Space Planning


Southern Mississippi



Introduction to Information Science (taught online)

Indexing and Abstracting



Data Mining

Knowledge Management

Information Creation & Acquisition Processes

Applied Economics for Information Managers

Security in Networked Environments

Electronic Markets

Electronic Commerce Technologies

Summer Institute consisting of 27 courses




Wonders of the WWW for Youth Services

Texas Women’s



Children’s Book Illustration


Serving Individual Information Needs

Planning for Library and Information Services

Community Analysis & Library Change

Research in Information Needs & Information Services

Descriptive Cataloging

Subject Analysis of Library Materials

Organization & Use of Serials

Knowledge Representation

Cooperative Information Systems

Information in the Public Policy Making Process

Socioeconomic Data Resources

User Education Issues & Practice

Youth Materials

Bibliography & Resources

Evaluation & Selection of Audiovisual Materials

Picture Books:  Evaluation and Use

Life Cycle of Information

Information Behavior

Information Resources, Services, & Collections

Organization of Information & Resources

Information Systems, Architecture, & Retrieval

Information in Social Context

Instructional & Training Strategies for Information Professionals

Research Methods

Management of Information Organizations

Catalogs, Cataloging & Classification

Advanced Cataloging & Classification

Content Issues in Law Librarianship

Research in Information Needs & Seeking Behavior

Value Creation with Information Science

Building a Personal Computer

Planning, Evaluating & Improving Health Information Outreach

Value Creation with Information Science:  Launching the I-Commerce Testbed Facility

Dominant IT Design

Instructional Programs for K – 12 Library Media Center

Cognitive Approaches to the Design of Information Systems

International Information Issues

Info. Project

Digital Libraries

Children’s Services in Public Libraries

Information Resources & Services in Culturally Diverse Communities

Services & Resources for Young Children & Parents

Catalogs & Gateways – Problems & Potential

Managing Electronic Records in the 21st Century

Wayne State

Advanced Practicum



Western Ontario


Professing the Popular:  A Midbrow Introduction

Book Trade

Knowledge Management

Virtual Library:  Conflicts & Controversies

Consumer Health Information Sources & Services

Feminist Perspectives in the Online Environment



Health Information Systems

New Topics Courses including Digital Archiving




Doctoral Seminar:  Issues in Educational and Media Technology

Electronic Publishing and Web Design

Metadata:  Managing Information Infrastructure

Computer-Based Training:   Information Retrieval and Storage System


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