General Notes for Table II-4 data

When interpreting the numbers in the ethnic categories, it should be remembered that the Canadian schools were not required to supply information on the ethnic origin of their students. Two of the seven Canadian schools (Dalhousie and Montréal) elected the option of supplying these data. As a result, the means calculated reflect only the schools in the United States and these two Canadian schools. For a few tables it was clear that some US schools also were unable to provide these data and they were also not included in the calculation of means.

A number of schools were unable to supply ethnic data for students in every program they offered. While often having these data available for programs offered within their schools they frequently lacked the data for the categories of "Other Graduate" and "Other Undergraduate" which represent students from other programs within their university. Although means have been calculated for these tables, the number of schools excluded from these calculations results in the need for some caution in using those numbers.

For the five Canadian schools, who were not able to supply information on the ethnic origin of their students, the number of international students enrolled in each program level reported in this table was retrieved from the data reported by those schools for Table II-6 and Table II-7.

In comparing the data in Table II-4 with those of II-6 and II-7 there may be slight differences in the totals for an individual school (Michigan) and for the program and overall totals due to inconsistent data reporting.

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