Table II-12-c-1
FY 1998– 99

[See General Notes for Table II-12 Data]

School Male Female Total
Number Amount Number Amount Number Amount
Simmons 0 $0 0.5 $9,392 0.5 $9,392
Total (1 school)1 0 $0 0.5 $9,392 0.5 $9,392

  1. There are ten schools that offered "Bachelors" degrees and did not report any assistantship information or indicated no award made for that level. To save space in this report, those schools are not included in this report. The schools that did not report are: Albany, Clarion, Drexel, Long Island, North Texas., Pittsburgh, Southern Connecticut, Southern Mississippi, Syracuse, and Wisconsin – Milwaukee. It is likely that the non-report reflects no aid awarded rather than non-reported. Consequently, if that was the case, the mean figures for aid at the "Bachelor’s" level would be very different.

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