General Notes for Table II-5 data

A number of schools were unable to supply information on their in-state/in province and out-of-state/out-of province status of their students, instead reporting the information as “NA.” In some cases, the numbers in these tables for those schools were taken from the data reported by them for Table II-1. Although total percentages for these tables have been calculated, the number of schools who have a sizable number of their students in the “NA” column alters the percentages, thus some caution should be taken when using those figures.

The data in Tables II-5 submitted by Dominican, Michigan, North Carolina – Greensboro, and Rhode Island were edited slightly so that the figures agree with the data reported by those schools for Tables II-1 which is believed to contain the more accurate figures.  These corrections were very minor and do not impact the data for these schools to any significant degree.

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