Table I-47-a
Unfilled, Funded, Full-Time Faculty Positions
1997 98

School Number Rank and Reasons Position was not Filled
Alabama 1 Undesignated rank
Albany 1 Professor
Alberta 1 Assistant unsuccessful search
Buffalo 1 Associate late resignation
California Los Angeles 3 Associate/assistant negotiating appointments
Catholic 1 Assistant
Clark Atlanta 1 Assistant search not authorized
Emporia 1 Associate chose not to fill
Florida State 1 Undesignated rank held open to hire visiting
Indiana 1 Undesignated rank held open
Kent 1 Assistant unsuccessful search
Kentucky 2 Assistants one hired for fall 1998, other hired for spring 2000
Long Island 1 Undesignated rank held open
Maryland 2 Assistants
Michigan 2 Professor budget constraints
Missouri 3 Undesignated rank search in progress
Montreal 1 Professor budget constraints
North Carolina Central 1 Assistant held open
North Carolina Chapel Hill 2 Professor hired for fall 1998, associate late resignation
North Carolina Greensboro 1 Undesignated rank
Pittsburgh 1 Undesignated rank, search in progress
Puerto Rico 3 Assistant held open
Rhode Island 1 Professor
Simmons 1 Assistant unsuccessful search
Syracuse 2 Assistants late resignations
Texas 2 Professor not fully funded; Professor held open
Toronto 1 Assistant search in progress
Washington 6 Undesignated ranks recruitment delayed pending appointment of new director
Wayne State 1 Undesignated rank held open
Western Ontario 5 Undesignated rank
Wisconsin Milwaukee 1 Assistant hired for fall of 1998

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