Table III-38
Curriculum Changes Made Within the Past Academic Year

Type of Change

Number of Schools Reporting Change

New Courses Added


Courses Dropped


Added New Programs


Reviewed Total Curriculum


Revised Total Curriculum


Reviewed Specific Curriculum Areas


Revised Specific Curriculum Areas


Taught Experimental/Trial Courses


Other Changes


  • Alabama Renumbered courses from 500-level to 600-level (550, 552, 553, & 566 to 650, 652, 653 & 666).
  • Albany Added 2 courses, dropped 3 courses and taught 2 courses on an experimental basis.
  • Alberta Added 2 courses, dropped 11 courses, and replaced materials course with Information Resources in Academic Disciplines, and taught 2 courses on an experimental basis.
  • Arizona Dropped 1 course and added an MA in Information Resources & Library Science.
  • British Columbia Added a "certificate of advanced study" post-Master’s and First Nation’s Curriculum Concentration (MLIS/MAS), added an option of 3 credits for the Graduating Paper and made "Bibliographic Control of Info II" & "Reference and Info Services II" electives instead of requirement courses.
  • Buffalo Dropped 2 courses and taught an Internet Librarianship course on an experimental basis.
  • Catholic Reviewed and made revisions to core course: Information Systems and added 2 courses on a trial basis.
  • Clarion Revised requirements for MSLS with PA SLM Certification and added technology-based courses to electives. One course was added and 2 were dropped.
  • Dalhousie Reviewed core courses and reduced the number taught from 9 to 7. Two courses were added and one taught on an experimental basis.
  • Dominican Revised five core courses, added 4 new courses and dropped 3. A "Reader’s Advisory" courses was taught on a trial basis.
  • Drexel Renamed 10 courses, reviewed the MS & MSIS programs and increased core courses for MS degree from 12 to 28 credits effective January 1998.
  • Emporia Implemented a total curriculum revision and experimented with Internet courses.
  • Florida State Added 17 LIS courses and taught 1 course on a trial basis.
  • Illinois Began a total review of MS degree curriculum, dropped 1 course and added a distance education program that uses Internet-based instruction combined with brief campus visits to deliver courses.
  • Indiana Reviewed undergraduate "Basic Computer Skills" prerequisite and revised a variety of courses.
  • Iowa Offered 2 experimental courses and changed "Information Storage & Retrieval" to "Text Retrieval". 3 courses are also now cross-listed with MIS courses.
  • Kent State Reviewed core requirements, structure of elective courses & 2 specific courses.
  • Kentucky Added 2 courses and reviewed and revised technology.
  • Long Island Added 1 course and dropped 1. A BS in Information Transfer and a Ph.D. in Information Studies were added and a curriculum review is ongoing.
  • Louisiana State Completed a total curriculum revision and the change will be implemented Fall 1998.
  • Maryland Revising "Information Structure & Access" and "Information Technology".
  • McGill Dropped 5 core courses and added 5 new core courses. All elective courses were reviewed and some revised.
  • Michigan Indicated many changes as detailed in their Narrative Report.
  • North Carolina – Chapel Hill Added 2 new courses and an undergraduate minor in Information Systems. One course was dropped and taught 16 on an experimental basis.
  • North Carolina – Greensboro Added 2 courses and taught 2 on an experimental basis.
  • North Texas Added 4 courses.
  • Oklahoma Eliminated the dual degree with MBA.
  • Pittsburgh Added 5 courses and replaced 1, administrative procedures for the Ph.D. were reviewed and the MLIS core program was revised. They are considering re-evaluating the archives program and increasing distance education.
  • Pratt Added 2 new courses and taught 7 on a trial basis.
  • Rhode Island Added 1 course, dropped 1, and reviewed and revised core curriculum.
  • Rutgers Dropped 1 course and reviewed 1 course and the required colloquium for all students and revised it in scope. One trial course was also offered.
  • St. John’s Reviewed the use of information technology in all course and taught 1 course on a trial basis.
  • Simmons Added 3 courses and reviewed all required courses.
  • South Carolina Renamed "530-AV & Info Hardware Mgt." to CLIS 761 and taught 4 courses on an experimental basis.
  • South Florida Reviewed the curriculum for the school media program and taught 1 course on a trial basis.
  • Southern Connecticut Reviewed instructional technology and a total curriculum revision is ongoing.
  • Southern Mississippi Added a specialist degree in LIS and is developing additional courses for this. A review of core courses for integration of latest technology is ongoing.
  • Syracuse Added 5 new courses, dropped 2 and renumbered core courses for MLS from 500-level to 600-level.
  • Tennessee Added 1 new course and dropped 1.
  • Texas Added 4 new courses, dropped 1 and is reviewing the Ph.D. and MLIS programs. Latin American Library Studies to Latin American Info Sources and Services. A joint program in MLIS and Middle Eastern Studies MA degree was also approved.
  • Texas Woman’s Dropped 2 courses and reviewed 3 core courses and some electives.
  • Washington Added 5 courses and changed the name of its degree to Master of Library and Information Science.
  • Wayne State Added 1 new course taught 1 on a trial basis.
  • Western Ontario Added 2 new courses and taught 2 on a trial basis.
  • Wisconsin – Madison Added 1 new course.
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee Added 2 new courses and taught 3 on a trial basis.


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