Table III-32
Faculty Status of Teaching Responsible for Courses Taught on Home Campus

Faculty Status

Number of Courses Taught by Type



Regular full-time









  • Alberta Used sessional instructors for 7 elective courses.
  • Catholic Indicates university archivist taught one elective course.
  • Dominican Used Emeritus for 4 elective courses.
  • Drexel Used teaching assistants for 1 required course.
  • Emporia Used SLIM Ph.D. students or administrators for 3 required courses and 3 elective courses.
  • Illinois Advanced doctoral students and SLIS students taught elective and required courses.
  • North Carolina – Chapel Hill Had 5 required courses taught by teaching assistants and 2 elective courses taught by visiting faculty.
  • Oklahoma Had 2 elective courses taught by University faculty at Health Science Center.
  • Pittsburgh Used teaching fellows and university adjunct faculty for 5 required and 18 elective courses.
  • Rutgers Used teaching assistants for 5 required courses.
  • South Florida Indicates the director taught 7 elective courses.
  • St. John’s Had 2 elective courses taught by a full-time professor of computer science.
  • Syracuse Had 1 elective course taught by regular part-time faculty.
  • Tennessee Indicated faculty taught 4 elective courses from other departments.
  • Washington Visiting lecturers taught 18 elective courses.


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