Table III-23
Acceptance of Credit From Non-ALA Schools

Accreditation Status

Accept Non-ALA

Will Not Accept Non-ALA




  • Alabama Allows a transfer of 6 hours from any discipline.
  • Arizona Allows transfer of credits for interdisciplinary coursework.
  • British Columbia Accepts transfers if the program is deemed to be equivalent to an ALA accredited program.
  • Dalhousie and Toronto Indicate that it accepts courses taken outside North America that are equivalent to Dalhousie courses.
  • Emporia Indicates students must show transfer is appropriate and helpful toward programs and taught by qualified professor.
  • Iowa Allows for a transfer of limited courses from the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Louisiana State Indicates that it is not automatic and requires a syllabi
  • Pittsburgh Accepts non-ALA courses in the MLS program only.
  • North Carolina – Greensboro Accepts non-ALA courses for SLM licensure purposes only.
  • Sam Houston Indicates that a course description and syllabus must be provided to ensure compatibility to their department.
  • San Jose indicates it will accept courses if university is accredited and course work is at graduate level.
  • South Florida indicates the courses must be recent (within last five years) and meet department approval.
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee Requires approval from course instructors and SLIS faculty council.


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