Position Descriptions

ILSSA is an organization run by students for students. We have an excellent opportunity this year to work as a real team and share responsibilities and workload. Keep that in mind as you read the descriptions below because the positions overlap, and we often work together to organize and execute events and activities.

All Officers

  • Participate in the planning and implementation of:
    • Spring Picnic (May)
    • Orientation (Fall and Spring)
    • Holiday Party (December)
  • Contribute as needed to ILSSA endeavors


  • Attends faculty meetings
  • Plans/Runs officer and general body meetings
  • Keeps ILSSA's recognition as an "official student organization" up to date
  • Coordinates activity planning
  • Selects and recommends to the Dean student representatives for all faculty committee openings and the representative to faculty meetings
  • Serves as liaison between SILS students, faculty and staff
  • Coordinates Fall Elections

Vice President

  • Attends SILS Alumni Association meetings
  • Coordinates logistics for events and activities (arranging for space, tables, supplies, and food)
  • Coordinates mentoring program for incoming students (Fall and Spring)
  • Alumni Networking Event (February)
  • Library of Congress Trip (Fall)


  • Charged with the care and disbursement of funds
  • Arranges for checks to pay vendors
  • Keeps records of deposits and expenses
  • Makes regular deposits from fundraisers
  • Deals with Student Activity Funds Office (SAFO)
  • Applies for UNC funds for ILSSA activities
  • Takes meeting minutes

Technical Coordinator

  • Maintains website
  • Adds and deletes content when appropriate
  • Edits and formats pages
  • Answers questions about the website from students and faculty
  • Promotes ILSSA events and activities to the SILS Community
  • Helps President facilitate officer elections

Community Development Chairs

  • The community development chairs facilitate social integration at SILS by:
    • planning SILS' weekly happy hours;
    • coordinating other social events as they deem fit; and
    • serving as the welcoming "face" of SILS.
  • Community development chairs must:
    • have an open, fun communication style (humor helps, too)
    • be willing to talk to everybody
    • advocate inclusivity