2016 Officers

President: Gordon Chadwick

Vice President: David Tenenholtz

Secretary: Katherine Shaw

Treasurer: Tim D'Annecy

Webmaster: Jeanne Marie Tan

2015 Officers

President: Stephen Levin

Steven is currently first year IS student. He is passionate about forming a greater Information Scientist community here at SILS and wants to hear from you. If you have any questions about ASIS&T contact him at pvp@live.unc.edu

Vice President: Bess Powell

Bess is an MSIS candidate expecting to graduate in May 2016. She’s a recent convert from Library Science to Information Science, so she’s interested in both aspects of information. On any given day, you can probably find her at the SILS Help Desk.

Secretary: Emma Boettcher

Emma Boettcher is a MSIS candidate expecting to graduate in 2016. Her interests include human-computer interaction, UI/UX design, and information retrieval. Her passions include Jeopardy! and bagels.

Treasurer: Michael Chen

Michael is an MSIS candidate expecting to graduate in 2016.

Webmaster: Bailey Jones

Bailey is in the MSIS program at SILS, where she enjoys webdesign, digital humanities, and map making. You can see some of her work online at Bailey Makes Maps.